Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sea Day – Day Three March 28, 2014

I thought I could start with something exciting, something crazy, something that would keep you all on the edge of your seat. 

But nope, nothing like that happened.  No major excitement.  I almost feel silly writing about how little we did, but we did very little.

We had the clocks go back an hour so currently we are only a one hour difference from home.  Sadly this means we are closer to getting home.  But enough silly talk we still have a week.

Since we all gained an hour seems like many are up earlier than normal, including us.  We also crashed so early last night that we are awake at 6 am.  Feeling much better too.  A good night’s sleep is what I needed.

I write up my blog and post it to the extremely slow internet – I should of known morning is one of the worst times to get on line.

I meet up with Bernie down on Deck 5 to grab a tea, I am staying away from dairy right now.  The place is a zoo, worse than a zoo.  A day at the zoo when there is free admission. 

The Bijoux sale is going to start at 10 am and they are lining up at 9:40!  Yup you read it here, 9:40.  A guy actually put a chair right at the door to ensure he was the first one.  Not sure what the advantage would be.  Maybe they are selling the newest Iphone and no one told me, ha who am I kidding, they are selling usual tshirts, sweat pants, scarfs, magnets etc etc.  I did pop in but even though there are some great deals I really don’t need anything else and the line ups at the cash register deter me even more.

I grab a cup of tea and head off to Club Fusion for the morning trivia.  We are joined by Jan and Michael who help a lot and we don’t do too bad, a respectable score I would say.

We then spend the next while wandering.  We tried to go back to the cabin but it hasn’t been cleaned yet.  So we are out wandering the ship.  It is so hot and humid out that you can’t really spend much time out there unless you are in a bathing suit and enjoying the pool.  This causes large crowds to form in the indoor venues.

Lunch today is Indian Buffet in Café Caribe which is one of my favorites and we both enjoy a lovely meal up there.  We do giggle a bit as a few people around us are eating the Indian but are commenting “this is an odd buffet”, “different today”, “way to spicy” and “gee you think they would cater to the demographics”.  We smile and know that the Horizon Court is open on both sides for lunch today and is offering the standard North American buffet.

Bernie bought a new watch today a Citizen Eco Drive – he loves his other one and I know he will love this one.  It is a simple one and it will be perfect for work.  He is happy so I am happy.

Back in the cabin we start to read for a bit but both of us are having a hard time keeping our eyes open.  What is it with being on vacation and the need for naps.  I crash and so does Bernie and when I wake I see he is now on the balcony. 
Today was our complimentary wine tasting and we miss it again.  We have had three this cruise and we have missed all of them.

It is so hot out there is suffering but he didn’t want to wake me. Ahhhhh.  We are on the port side now and we get the sun in the afternoon and it is HOT.  We have to keep our drapes closed all the time and the cabin door otherwise it just gets way too warm. 

While relaxing in the cabin there is a knock at the door – odd since we have the Do Not Disturb up.  Cabin Steward is there.  He has the passport lock box and is looking for ours.  I said we already have ours since we got it when Bernie had to get if for the flight to the Nazca lines.  ARGH this steward is driving me NUTS. 

But the sunset draws us outside later and it is stunning.  And we enjoy some amazing sights and a glass of wine.

Not sure what we will do for dinner, but we need to get a good rest as tomorrow is Punta Arenas Costa Rica and we are off to an adventure park and meeting time is 7:40.

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