Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sea Day March 18, 2014

We wake and the sun is shining.  Tonight is a formal night (still haven’t decided whether we will go or not).  We have a bridge tour at 10:30 planned.

We meet with security at the scheduled time, there is around 12 of us for the Bridge Tour.  We are surprised when the door opens and Captain Foster is there to greet us.  He shakes all our hands and even says “oh the bus drivers are here”.  That is nice, and of course we are honoured that he remembers us.  He can’t stay long as he is busy with meetings and introduces us to First Officer, Lauren from England. 

First off as anyone who knows me I am a strong activist for equal rights and am so pleased to see more women up on the bridge.  I am still looking forward to when Princess has their first female Captain. 

We have done numerous Bridge Tours in the past and I have to say I enjoyed today’s the most.  Lauren was fun, she made us feel comfortable and explained many of the items and even provided personal example of when they use them.  Like the thrusters and how they had to use them a lot in Punta Arenas.  Or when they had to use the Distress Communication when she heard a Mayday on a different ship and they were able to call for assistance for someone adrift. 

She explained the flags, and instead of just saying these are the flags she explained what many of them mean and which flags we put on and where.  Including telling us how tough the wind was on the Falkland flag. 

She showed us the Radar and pointed out the HAL ship to us and where it is going and what type of vessel it is.  So seeing the equipment in action was extra interesting.

This is the first time we got to actually see how they can zoom in on each balcony and see everything and I mean everything, they can even see what you ordered in room service and are enjoying on your balcony.  So beware!  And like we say those special moments are recorded and that Reflections DVD can be bought by special order – kidding.

We took a lot of pictures and Lauren even posed for many of them too.  The tour was so good I had to write a thank you to Lauren when we got back cause it was the best Bridge tour we have been on.

Today in the cabin they are showing the “Dallas Buyers Club” and it is being played on a loop so after enjoying a latte in the International CafĂ© we head back to the cabin to watch the movie.  This voyage has shown great movies and we have enjoyed watching many of them.

After the movie we head up to Horizon Court for lunch.  They are also hosting a pub lunch again and the dining room is open but we just want some salad and fruit, of course we ate a bit more of that.

When I get back to the cabin the bell hop phones to ask us what we want for our mini bar for the next leg and we state we want two coffee cards in lieu of the bar.  They are delivered right away, although they do have the voyage written on the back so if we use them for tea on another voyage they will punch the cards, but that is okay, we just love getting the cards. 

The weather is definitely getting warmer, the seas are calm and we are moving slowly up the coast of Chile.  We have one more sea day before getting into Valparaiso on the 20th.
Bernie has gone down to afternoon trivia and I take the time to relax in the cabin and give myself a pedicure, I am all set for warm weather again and sandals.

Things happening on board today:  Bible Study, line dance class, knit and natter, police force get together, wringle remedies (no that is not a typo here, but what is published in the Patter, which I believe should be wrinkle, but this is one of the few typos I have seen in the Patter and made us giggle), Culinary Demo & Galley Tour, trivia, bingo, tango with Jorge and Anabel, Rotary Club get together, Zumba, horse racing, art auction, photo seminar, wii bowling, afternoon movie Runner Runner in Princess Theater, Grapevine Wine tasting. 

This evening:  Stateroom Movie Thor: The Dark World, Production Show What a Swell Party,  MUTS World War Z, Dixeland Jazz with Crown Princess Orchestra in Piazza, Arizona Party Band, 70s hits with Dj Alex in Skywalkers, Princess Pop Star, Spotlight Showtime with Vincenzo Martinelli and more.

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