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Puntarenas, Costa Rica – March 29, 2014

It was a hard night, the cabin is so hot.  At first I thought it was just because of facing the sun all day but I think there is more to it.  When we come back today we will call down and report to get it repaired.

First I keep forgetting to put in the temperature each day, but I will go back and update the blogs when I get home with the temperatures so others sailing around the same time can know what to expect. 

Today it is FREAKING HOT!  Is that a technical term?  HOT, muggy and well HOT.  There is no wind at all which increases the temperature to STUPID HOT.  And it is only 7 am!  We are docked here, and there is another ship here with us a Fred Olsen Ship.  Seems odd to be sharing a pier with another ship, it has been such a long time since we have been in port with another ship.

So back to the temperature.  Today the Patter states it is 32C 90F but it actually got hotter than that.  Sunrise was 5:39 and Sunset is 5:49.

We have a private tour today planned that Trish from our Roll Call is coordinating.  We love adventure activities and zip lining and a few years ago we went to one that is no longer open.  We found this park and she decided to coordinate it. 

The park is we originally reserved with them with a small deposit and depending on the numbers that we got the price would go down. 

The tour including transportation from the pier to the park.  25 minutes of off road truck adventure with scenic views.  25 zip lines in total.  2 rappellings over a waterfall.  One suspension bridge.  On two of the lines you have the chance to jump into a spring water mountain pool.  Lunch also.  They also have a superman ride that is a small amount more. 

I don’t quote the prices here since prices change often and it depends on the numbers.  So check with the company for the current prices.

We head ashore for 8 am and we walk the length of the pier.  Currently the pier is full of tour buses but later on there is a complimentary train/shuttle that will take you to the entrance to the pier. 

Remember it is very hot so bring water. 

We are met and directed into a van for the ride to the park.  We are a tight squeeze in the van (we are 14) and the air conditioning is not the best.  The ride to the park was about 40 minutes.

When we get there we are stunned at the view and make note that they also have accommodations here too.  Boy would it be nice to stay here some time.

We are all  harnessed into our apparatus.  They had about six guides for our group.

We then board a large off road truck for the ride up the mountain to start our zip line adventure.  Note this is a bumpy ride and definitely off road so be prepared.

They explain how to do the zip lines and we are off. 
It is a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the rappelling lines too, a little scary at first but once we got the hang of it, it was fun.

Make sure to bring bug spray and sunscreen, and if you want wear a bathing suit so you can enjoy the springs.  The guides did have water for us.

me rappelling

we stop at these falls, you can go in if you want

One woman did get very dehydrated and did have some issues but they were very quick at coming to her aid and getting her cooled off.  There were not many lines left so she went tandem with one of the guides for the remaining lines to the end.

After the zip lines we then did the superman ride.  It was fun but not very comfortable  -- those straps go into areas I am not sure I want them to go into.  The ride was not as good as we have done at the other park but still pretty fun. 

Once we got back to the main building we were served a nice lunch of chicken, beef or vegetarian meal.  Soda, beer, water were extra. 

We found the entire set up to be very professional.  The guides were fun but boy were they ever players and they were very flirtatious and was a bit disappointed when one said, you can have a beer and you can buy me a tequila…. Really!  Heck I could be their mother! If I had to do this tour again I would of aimed to keep the group to a more manageable size.  I believe we were 18 people in total and it was just too long waiting for everyone to go.  A group of 10 or 12 would be best I think.

We were then driven back to the pier – again not much air conditioner so be prepared.

They dropped us right at the pier and we decided to just head back on board.  But if you want to you can easily shop at the many stores along the beach.  There are numerous restaurants and shops in town too that are walkable.

We come back to the cabin and it is HOT.  We call down to the Purser’s desk and report and about an hour later someone comes up to check and there is an issue.  He does something to the thermostat and then takes off the grate to the AC unit and that helps too.  It still isn’t perfect but much much better. 

Tonight we are going to make it back to the dining room.  They are also offering the German Buffet and I would love to go to that but miss the dining room too. 

We also watch the movie Nebraska on the cabin tv and enjoyed that. Have really enjoyed all the movies in the cabin.  We have managed to see all the Oscar nominated movies on board this voyage. 

Tomorrow we are in San Juan Del Sur and hope to make it a beach day.

We had a lovely dinner in Da Vinci and it was so nice to see Mark and Lorelei again.  I had the crab and artichoke dip to start – very good.  Then the apple soup which I found to be not to my taste but Bernie loved his.  For my entrée I had the Pha Thai dish which I enjoy usually once a cruise.  It isn’t like my favorite Thai restaurant at home but it is pretty good.  For dessert I see they have my favorite walnut raspberry spring rolls and my first order comes and they are cold, not even warm and this dessert really needs to be served warm so the spring roll shell is crispy not chewy.  Mark gets me a new one that is hot and crispy and yummy.  But I have to say if someone had never tried this dish and got it cold they would be rather disappointed. 

Sadly this cruise is lacking in the food quality, now don’t get me wrong I am still finding lots to eat and lots of yummy things but food is often overly salty and not hot when it should be.  We have found this with pancakes, eggs, toast, French fries, and many items in the buffet.  I have yet to get cold milk with room service for cereal or even cold yoghurt.

The World Music Project is the show tonight in the Princess Theater but the times are not conducive to our schedule. 
We wander around a bit check in with friends as we meet them in the corridors. 

Once we get back to the cabin we notice that the air conditioner is still not performing as it should.  We notice that the Purser’s desk has called and left a message following up on the AC issue from earlier.  When I call them back they are very helpful and offer to send someone to the cabin.

The next person arrives to check the AC – the room temperature is at 24.5 C and whatever he does seems to create the air flow that is needed and the room starts to cool off.  We actually wake up in the middle of the night and grab the duvet that we had placed on the chair and use it to cover up.

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