Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sea Days - March 22 and 23, 2014

After such a great night yesterday we were ready for a sleep in but with an hour gain we woke at 7 am and really it is 8 am.  Today I run down to get Bernie his tea.

Once back in the cabin I really take my time this morning.  I do up my blog, catch up on line.  I will add here that internet has been pretty good on board.  I have noticed numerous pages having difficulty loading and come back unable to load, like my Hotmail account.  Others have noticed the same issue.  May have to do with so many on line but eventually I can get thru.

Really our day is so boring and relaxing that there isn’t much to write about.  Coffee in International Café, Trivia for Bernie – boy are these popular! 

There was a Cruise Critic Meet and Greet today but I just wasn’t up for it this time.

I sat out in the sun up on deck and read for quite a while but since I don’t have sun screen on I came in after about 40 minutes.  Lunch was two slices of pizza and some fruit and a yummy chocolate mousse napoleon. 

Back in the cabin Bernie and I relax on our balcony.  The Caribe balcony is so large that we are able to stretch out and we are partially covered which is nice. 

We meet up with Johan for afternoon tea.  This is our first time for afternoon tea and it is a nice break.  The tea was lovely and all I had was two scones and a cookie – I tried to behave.

Back in the cabin we are joined by Barb and Craig for drinks.  We ordered ice from room service but it never did come.  So we made due with what we had.  Also sadly didn’t get our canapés order form the night prior from steward (elite benefit for formal nights) so we just had to drink – somehow we survived.

Our new steward is good, but certainly not great.  We have had to ask for many items, elite toiletries, robes, ice, laundry bags.  We never did get our Princess tote bag (but we can manage I am sure, not really a complaint just an observation), no pool towels for the first two days, had to ask.  A great steward is one step ahead of the game, replacing toilet paper when getting near the end, providing extra soap just in case, extra laundry bags, beach towels etc.  Today we left our cabin at 8 am and came back at 11:30 and the room still had not been cleaned.  We have decided to stay in the cabin and forgo the cleaning.. maybe just get clean towels.  I think we have been spoiled with so many great stewards they have ruined it for the ones that are just good.

Tonight is formal night, it is our 7th formal night of 9 and neither of us really want to dress up so we dress in our usual smart casual clothing and head up to the dining room to see Mark (full name is Mark Joseph Sapitana and Lorelie Lladone) I refer to them as the dream team!  So nice to see them again.

I really enjoyed dinner and then we followed it up with Liar’s Club and lots of laughs.

Ship Observations:

Even though there are lots of very very nice passengers on board the complainers are standing out and well are loud.  Seems I can't go anywhere without hearing someone going on and on about something negative.  Heck someone is still commenting about the long embarkation in Florida; really that was a month ago, get over it and enjoy today.

The people above us have a laundry line strung up along the glass of their balcony, and of course they have their underwear (both his and hers) hanging.  Pretty bad sight to look up at, so we try not to look up. Here is a pick, if I have to look at it so do you!  

The coffee bar staff make my day every day with their smiles and hot coffee, love the designs that they make in my cappuccino too.

Trivia is a huge hit and the crew are doing a great job at keeping it interesting and new.  Dan's nightly game at 10:15 is so popular, he talked about tonight's name that tune by saying.  "I am back with a new Name That Tune for all you well travelled passengers it is songs from the 1840s"  That had us laughing.

We tried breakfast in the dining room again this morning and Bernie tried to get hot pancakes with two eggs, and still not hot.  So cold the butter didn't even melt!  That is four times we have tried in the dining room and four times it has been cold.  We now are officially giving up on hot pancakes and eggs.  Well it isn't like we are going to go hungry.  I should note my omelet was HOT and yummy.  Service was very good too this morning.

$10 Bijoux sale is going on and long lines and seems like a lot are buying.  Sure have had great sales and items from the stores available for this voyage.

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