Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trinidad - January 22, 09

After a wonderful sea day we docked in Trinidad. Man this port looks different. We dock right in the heart of the port and right downtown. You can see the city and the traffic and all the containers from the container ships.

Today we have a tour planned. I had contacted Island Experience Tours Gunta was very helpful in organizing an island tour for our group from Cruise Critic.

We set out with a tour of the city, the park, the magnificent seven, the garden and then we drove to this beautiful lookout.

Here the guys pose for the camera, aren't they a handsome bunch.

I even got a chance to enjoy this lovely parrot. See I make a friend again.

We then start the trek to Maracas Beach, and it was well worth it. Didn't take us all long to change and get into that beautiful water. The waves were so much fun we body surfed and swallowed lots of water.

Now Maracas is known for their "bake & shark" sandwich - here is a picture of one. It consists of this deep fried dough (sort of like a pita), then battered and fried shark, and then topped with an array of sauces, very yummy and all that and a pop for $5.

Our final stop was at a place that makes Carnvial costumes for the upcoming Mardi Gras. Each costume is hand made and they sell for a fare sum. If only I could take one home with me - but could you just picture me now parading around the house in this.

We got back to the pier and there were a few vendors set up and we checked some things out but didin't really feel the need to buy anything as we knew we would be back in two weeks.

We both thought the island was very nice, but we weren't completely taken with the island and we were not sure about visiting again. (But trust me in two weeks we got back off and LOVED the island).

Tomorrow is Barbados... and we have a full day planned, can't wait.

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  1. Your blog is amazing! What wonderful photos! I am so pleased to be able to read about your adventure! I have been so intensely "glued" to my computer for work that I have not even had a chance to download my photos. Thre more weeks and I should have some time! I just relived our cruise through you! Thanks, Vickie--