Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Day - At Sea

February 12, 2009 - Sea Day

Can't believe it but this is the last day! Am I ready to go home, well yeah. I certainly could handle more time on the ship, but I am relaxed now and ready to go back to the day to day life at home.

We first had to try and figure out what was going on with our bill. As Platinum members (sailed more than five times on Princess) we are entitled to an Internet package of 250 minutes each free. We signed up for this on the first day but have had nothing but problems since we did. It seems that every time we log on we are charge $100 - we had gone up to the Purser's desk to clear up on more than one occasion and every night the charge comes back on? Today we meet up with our friend Gianfranco the Passenger Services Director and explain the situation and he takes care of it for us.

But we are leary of keeping our account open until the next night so we close the account completely at around 10 pm that night. Better safe than sorry.

Sea day -- Our favorite days on ships. Time to relax, as if we are not relaxed enough already. We head up on deck to catch some last few rays of sun. It is a little cooler in the air, must mean we are heading north.

Being the last day you get all your stuff in order, pick up those last few photos you want, settle your account, print out your airline boarding passes, exchange emails and start the packing. Now some people are so organized and their suitcases are outside their door before dinner. Not ours, we have decided to walk off tomorrow with our bags in order to catch an earlier flight. More on that tomorrow.

We arrange to meet up with friends Carole and Sue for dinner tonight. They have both been so much fun this trip and we hope to keep in touch with them.

This gentleman (darn it I can't remember his name) was travelling with his wife, both from Hungary initially, fled to Chile, then moved to Toronto. Very interesting to talk to, had dinner with them a few times.

Bernie with Sue and Carole on the last night

Sue just loved Phillipe our Matr D'.... it looks like she is attacking him but really he is just going in for a big hug. Phillipe took very very very good care of us this trip, best we have ever had.

Our final night, and again we close the dining room.

Bernie and I brought a bottle of this sake called Wandering Poet that was first tried with a friend of ours from the Emerald Princess last year, Mr. James Deering (PSD) and we are hooked. We raised our glasses in his honor and wished him well. Every cruise now we have to bring a bottle.
After dinner, Bernie didn't want to go out, he was tired so he went back to the room and started packing, me being the smart one and getting out of packing, went to the Vista lounge to enjoy the last night of Princess Pop Star. Princess' version of America/Canadian Idol. It was the first time I had ever been to one and it was hilarious. It was a nice way to end the cruise.

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