Thursday, March 12, 2009

St. Vincent

St. Vincent - January 24, 2009

Today is Saturday and Bernie woke up early and went up on deck to watch the ship come into port. He came back raving about how beautiful it is here and the rainbow he just witnessed was stunning.

We head out on foot with a map and a spring in our step.

Man it is crowded, oh yeah it is Saturday, market day. You can barely walk, everyone has come down to the city to sell their goods. It just seems like it is the same stuff that everyone is selling.

We did get a kick out of people with a pickup selling boxes of cookies and the crowds at this pickup surprised us. Don't know how much they were selling for but obviously getting these cookies here is difficult. Man I need to quit my job and go sell cookies in St. Vincent.

Here is the market, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Of course we look like tourists, with our camera and map and inquisitive looks on our face.

One of the places we want to visit is their botanical garden. We hear it is walkable, and since tomorrow is the trek up the volcano we felt we should warm up a bit. It is walkable but it is uphill and it is a good hour walk and don't forget the heat.

It is free to get into, but then there are guides that can show you around. We met up with a nice guide and for $4 each he would show us around. We were very glad to go with a guide because otherwise we would of missed so much. Our guide explained what every plant was and the history of it.

After the garden we started the walk back down the hill but we wanted to get off the main drag and came across this hut with two gentlemen sitting outside. One yells out, want to try one of our beers! We look at each other and said "yup". Bernie went to get the two beers, but the guy could only find one and had to go searching at neighbours to find another one.... very resourceful. We sat there on the wooden plank with the two guys chatting about their country and our country.

We ended up back down towards the market. It was a little quieter and we were both hungry. There was a small trailer that was selling Roti, sounds good so we share one. It melted in your mouth and the flavours!

The port has all kinds of shops and the usual stuff, t-shirts, booze, jewlery and they even had some lovely kids dancing. But the ship dominates from everyone in town.

At sailaway we all headed to the Aft and checked out the stunning views and not to mention the rainbows. It actually made an entire circle and reflected into the water.
Tonight Vera and Ken organized a group dinner for a bunch of us at Sabatinis. It was wonderful eating with everyone and getting to know everyone more.
Another great day, another great port.

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  1. The pictures are great! Wasn't that rainbow out of this world? I was a little confused with this post at first, because I thought it was Barbados. But then I looked closer and saw that it was St. Vincent. You are ahead of me, I'm still back in Barbados. :)