Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Day and First Day

January 30, 2009
Turnaround Day in Fort Lauderdale

Now this is our third back to back cruise and turnaround day is always interesting. Everyone else is getting ready to get of the ship and head home and here we are roaming the halls knowing we still have two weeks on board.

We get up and head up to the Horizon Court and have breakfast. We packed up our clothes as we had to go back to our old cabin. They came and got our stuff and moved everything around 8:30 and we quickly unpacked in our room and did wash and ironing.

What is truly the best is you can wander the almost completely vacant ship. Most of the cabin doors are open and you can check all the different cabin types.

We checked out the suites next to us and then checked out the Penthouse Suite on the Lido deck. Now wow is all I can say. Huge, bigger than my first apartment. It even had a Jacuzzi tub on the deck with access to it from the bedroom. There was a computer, fireplace, large table to eat at and two bathrooms. It was nice to see because I will never ever be able to afford that room.

We had to head down to the meeting area for all back to backers at 9:30 to clear the ship and customs and then we were free. It happens that there were 28 of us doing a back to back and it was nice to meet these new people. We were cleared and back on the ship within a half hour.

In the afternoon we got off the ship and went and picked up some supplies at the local wine store that we love "Total Wine" which is within walking distance and right next to a grocery store where we picked up some necessary supplies and some lovely flowers. We stopped at Starbucks and got our coffees and then returned to the ship.

Of course the first day of the second sailing is very weird. We keep thinking we see people from the last sailing, we wonder what are friends are doing, where they are right now. Janie and Tim are getting ready to sail again too and I wonder where they will be. Also we are looking at all the new people and wondering how this new cruise will be, how will it compare to the last cruise.

The weather is no cooperating, and it is cool and windy and there is a chance of rain. Looks just like the sail away from two weeks ago. We did have a Cruise Critic meet and greet set up at the Oasis bar again but when we head up there we are told by the staff that it has moved to Skywalkers. Once up there we quickly say hi and introduce ourselves and there are so many new faces and lots of names to remember. We really wanted to experience the sail away on deck so we said goodbye until the next day when we meet up for the Formal Meet and Greet.

We ordered our traditional sail away drinks and then enjoyed the party. Check out the video.

There are even so many new cruise staff on board, but we look forward to meeting new people and becoming good friends with so may.

This is leaving Port Everglades.

To another great cruise!!

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