Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Kitts

January 25, 2009

Last year when we visited St. Kitts we did a great tour with Thedford Grey and we knew he offered a tour to climb the volcano. Yup that is right the volcano. Mount Liamuiga which soars to 3,792 feet above sea level was on our bucket list of things to do.

We talked our friend Allen to join us, while his wife Karen went with a group from Cruise Critic with Mr. Grey on a tour of the island.

We were up early, put on our hiking gear, runners (first time I had worn socks since I got on the cruise) met up with Allen in the coffee bar (needed my latte to help me along). We posed for the necessary ship photo at the gangway -- the before picture! Mr. Grey was waiting at the pier and directed us to our guide David. He took us to his car (looked like the sporty cars that all the 20 somethings drive at home with the a stereo system that probably cost more than the car itself). We travelled about a half hour to the base of the volcano.

On the way there a van caught up to us and then passed us at the base. It was the ship's tour which had 12 people in their group at a cost of $99 per person. We were quite happy as it was just the three of us with two guides for $75 per person. We got personalized service and were able to get up the volcano faster because we were a small group.

You can find all about Grey's Tours at

Me with the guides. There was a lot of mist in the air and it was very very hot.

Bernie and Allen
We made it to the top!! It took about 2.5 hours to get up there. And very very muddy. I was covered from the butt down in dirt! And the runners, well forget about those - the wash was the only thing for them.

We stopped along the way back to get a cold beer and this tree was right across the street. Hanging all over it were these empty booze bottles. I laughed and asked the guys sitting nearby, good party?

Cheers we did it.

We got back to the pier, Allen went back on board and Bernie and I roamed around the town a bit. Got a few souvenirs and then waddled back to the ship. Now is when the ships photographer should of been there for the after shot. I am sure they were wondering where the heck did these people come from.

We were docked right beside the Emerald which we sailed on last year. We left about a half hour before she did and as we did we captured this horn battle between the two ships from our balcony.

That night walking around the ship was very very difficult, especially going down stairs - the groans coming out of both Bernie and I were audible to everyone. Man and to think I paid to have this done to me!

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