Friday, March 20, 2009


February 2, 2009

Now if you remember the last time we were in Aruba I had planned to surprise Bernie with a helicopter ride over Aruba. Unfortunately they were not able to accommodate us because of some mechanical problems and waiting for a part. We had rescheduled it for today. Bernie was excited and we both had our fingers crossed that the trip was going to happen finally. We left the ship and went to the helicopter landing pad, no one was there. We had about 10 minutes until the official meeting time so we walked around and took pictures.

Can't believe I was able to capture this butterfly just when it opened it's wings.

All of a sudden we could hear the helicopter off in the distance... the adrenaline is kicking in! Here is a link the company we used.

Click on the video just to see a small portion of what we experienced.

Oh my God I can't believe I am actually putting up this horrible picture of me, but it is the only one I have us both on the helicopter. Cool!

This is the Natural Bridge that collapsed (actually collapsed the same day Katrina hit). Beside it is the Smaller Natural Bridge.

A shot of the ship from the helicopter

De Palm Island

Our chopper! See I know the lingo.

We were on such a high! We walked around the city and did some shopping and had lunch, at Pizza Hut, yup Pizza Hut... I had a craving for Pizza. Across the street are a whole bunch of craft vendors and souvenir shops.

Bernie finds his hidden talent and makes some money performing on the streets!

We are tired, and it is hot so we head back onto the ship and take a nap and relax because tonight it is the Chef's Table. Now for those of you who don't know about the Chef's Table well all I say is WOW. You need to sign up ahead of time, they usually only have two Chef's Tables per cruise and each table holds 10 people. The cost is $75 per person but includes a behind the scene tour of the galley during dinner. While in the galley you are served four appetizers with champagne. The whole event is hosted by our Matre D'Hotel Guisseppi, along with Executive Chef Guisseppi.

Here is our favorite waiter Julienne. We all have to wear these coats to ensure cleanliness. But you can call him Dr. Bowne.

Yummy champagne

the two Guisseppi

Caviar on a potato base

Some of the great staff that work very hard

The place is hoping and runs very very smoothly

Lobster risotto

Raspberry Sherbet served with Grey Goose Vodka to cleanse the palate

The Executive Chef prepares the main course in front of our table

Our main course

Baked brie served with a port reduction and walnut biscotti

The pastry chef prepared a special dessert for us! Not to mention the spun glass dish.

All the courses were paired with wines, a white, a red and a dessert wine. We were stuffed. The evening finished with the photographers coming in a taking a picture of the table and then one with us and the Chef and Matre d' Hotel. We were given a copy of the Princess Cookbook with a special insert of the menu we were served tonight. And finally a rose... ahhh

Executive Chef, Matre d'Hotel and Pastry Chef

Me and Guisseppi, a very nice man who was so good to us throughout the entire 28 days.


  1. Hi Vickie,

    Wow! The Chef's Table sounds wonderful! I wish I had an extra $75 when we were sailing. Maybe next time. The pictures are great and they really make me want to save up my pennies!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I love your pictures, you and Bernie always look like you are having so much fun!