Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Thomas

February 9th (I think) - Charlotte Amalie

I find it funny because everywhere I go on the ship people keep saying "hey I saw you on the morning show" sometimes they don't even say that they just say "Vickie can I ask you something?" Then I have to wonder, how do I know this person. Funny

We pull into St. Thomas, and we are docking at Havensight. We are disappointed, many are happy though they love all the shopping available at Havensight. We prefer Crown Bay, it is quieter and we wanted to go to Emerald Beach or perhaps back to Water Island.

We took our time getting ready and left the ship after the crowds/tours got off. We hadn't been to Havensight in about 7 years and we noticed that a lot has changed. A lovely Marina has just been added and a walkway all the way into Charlotte Amalie.

First even though you can see major clouds in the distance it is HOT, MUGGY and we are sweating like crazy when we finally get to town (about 20 min walk). And wouldn't you know it, as soon as we arrive in town the clouds open and it POURS. We take cover in a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of tea.

We walk down the main street, and pick up the only thing we came into town to get. Perfume -- yup perfume. Now usually we buy all our perfume at the duty free shop on board because we find the best prices on board. But the ship didn't have the Angel perfume -- actually they have it but I purposely bought the refill bottle to be "green" and have been having trouble getting the perfume that refills! Well we find the perfume and decide why hang out here when we find it too crazy lets head back to the ship and figure out what we will do.

On the walk back we talk about it, should we go to the beach? Bernie has never been to Magen's Bay, but he says he doesn't feel like paying for a taxi to go across the island only to end up on a crowded beach. So we get back to the ship and get lunch in the dining room and then we both change into our bathing suits and venture up to the Sanctuary.

Have I spoken about the Sanctuary? Well it is a lovely Adults Only area that is at the bow of the ship. A nominal fee is charged to enter this area, $10 for half day. The lounge chairs are padded with mattresses that I swear are thicker than the beds. Plush towels are then placed down. A sanctuary steward comes with a cool towel to cool yourself down and a glass of water, either flavoured with cucumber or orange. There is a special menu that you can order from and it is delivered to you for a small charge of $3.

It was a very nice relaxing afternoon and a chance to build our tan and get that much needed afternoon nap.

This is a shot of the new Marina -- lovely boats, and great shops all along the walkway. A shoppers paradise.

Me and James our Cruise Director

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