Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Thomas

January 26, 2009

Now St. Thomas might be a highlight for many but for us it is just too too busy. We had read about the fourth Virgin Island called Water Island. Since we were docked at Crown Bay and the ferry is right beside the pier we arranged to head over there for the day for some tranquility.

We went and picked up a six pack and caught the ferry. The ferry was $5 each one way.

Bill and Cathy from the Emerald met up with us at the pier and came with us.

It was a short ferry ride over. Colin was good sport as I leaned on him.

Bernie and Gwenda - after we got off the ferry it is a hike up the hill and then down the hill to the right to Honeymoon Bay.

The beach is beautiful and not crowded at all. There was a washroom and a local woman came out and set up a barbecue and served the largest hamburgers I've seen. Bernie and I shared one and we were stuffed.

The locals were wonderful and even offerred assistance to someone in our group who needed a ride back to the ferry.

We reluctently left around 3 to catch the ferry back.
This is a shot of the beach that we were at all day, taken from the ship.

We had arranged to meet up on deck for sailaway to enjoy some "Hot Sex" -- now it isn't what you think. A friend had bought this drink, tasted kind of like Baileys and milk. So we all went up on deck to have some.

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