Friday, March 20, 2009

Day at Sea

January 29, 2009

Our last sea day.

Now we feel a little conflicted. Today is the last day of the first cruise. We are sad that so many of our friends will be getting off tomorrow. But we are both excited to start the next cruise and do it all over again.

Usually last days of any cruise are crazy, everyone trying to get in as much as they can before they get off. All the shops on board are busy. The line at the Purser's desk is snaking around the Atrium. People are soaking up as much sun as they can so that can prove they were away in warmer climates. And the halls are beginning to fill up with luggage.

Brian and Nancy had organized a lovely luncheon for all the Cruise Critic gang. Many of the officers attended and I got a picture with Captain Carlton.

After lunch I wandered around the deck and took some pictures.

In the afternoon the group was invited to the Bridge for a tour. That was my first time to the Bridge and I found it rather interesting.

The Bridge

Hey, there is the Canadian Flag!

This guy just watches, yup three hour shift of just watching for anything in the water.

Yes Princess gets their first female Captain.

For dinner we met up with friends and had a final dinner. Sad to say goodbye but I have a feeling that we will meet up again.

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