Thursday, March 5, 2009

Curacao - January 20

We knew that today was going to be a beach day. We met up with Janie and Tim and we grabbed a taxi to Kon Tiki Beach. The price was $5 per person and once there we met up with Brian, Nancy, Donna and Lawrence.

The beach was beautiful even though the skies were a little overcast but after a few rain drops the sun came out and it got very very hot.

Bernie & I went snorkeling and here are some shots with our new underwater camera. Man it was hard looking thu a mask thru the camera and then trying to find the fish.

We hung out here until around 1 pm and then headed back into town. We just walked around town for a bit.

We didn't make it over the floating bridge as it was open and we thought heck that must be a sign so we walked thru the less busy part of town.

Some of these buildings were in need of some repairs. Check out how they are bracing this one. We didn't walk down that road, just in case!

We went to get a coffee right near the port and ran into some of the workers from the ship. SMILE.

Interesting name for a restaurant, you wouldn't believe all the Chinese Food restaurants in the Caribbean.

And then just before we get back on the ship, a quick picture in front of it and "boy are my feet tired"

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  1. I loved this day! A beach and a book, good friends-what more could we ask? Janie