Thursday, March 5, 2009

Florida - Jan. 13 - 16, 2009


Bernie and I flew into Fort Lauderdale Tuesday Jan 13 after some issues.

First - plane was delayed three hours due to mechanical problem; therefore Continental moved us to Delta flight. No problem.

Second - Boarding pass prints out and attendant warns us we have both been tagged for full screening by security. No problem we can handle that.

Third - suitcase pull handle just won't go down no matter what we do. Attendant says we can send it this way but they can't take responsibility if it breaks (guess what it came down the conveyor belt in Florida still up, and undamaged - go figure and the suitcase is currently being repaired under warranty).
Fourth and final - after going thru security I look at Bernie and say "where is the good camera". Yup we left it in the car at the parking lot. Thankfully because of the change in flight Bernie was able to rush back and hail the shuttle and pick it up and return to the airport all within a half hour.

Fort Lauderdale

We arrive and pick up our rental car and head to the Hyatt - beautiful resort. The next day our friends Bernie and I head out to Sawgrass Mills to check out the outlet stores and make our contribution to the economy.

That evening we pick up Colin and Gwenda from the airport. We met them last year on the Emerald and they are joining us on our cruise.

The next day is a day trip, none of us have been to Key West before so we head off. We make it to Key Largo where we take a glass bottom boat trip around the Keys. Just stunning. Here are some pictures.

Today is the 16th, we are all excited today is the day we board the lovely Grand Princess for 28 days! After dropping off the car we take the shuttle back to the pier and grab a bite to eat before meet and greet with our Cruise Critic friends.

After Muster drill we meet up at the Oasis bar - with old friends and many new friends.

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