Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aruba - January 19

January 19

Now this was our second visit to Aruba and last year we toured the island on a scooter from North to South so this year I racked my brain on what to do, and to do something special for Bernie's birthday.

So I had booked a helicopter trip a few months prior and surprised Bernie. We got off the ship and went to the designated spot to meet the helicopter and no helicopter. When the guy arrived he said unfortunately the helicopter was out of commission due to a mechanical problem and waiting for a part. Luckily we knew we would be back to Aruba in two weeks so we rescheduled for our next visit.

Now what to do? We hadn't planned anything so we walked around and checked out all the iguanas on the rocks.

We knew there was a museum nearby so we toured the museum and learned a lot about the area.

But we were both feeling tired and a little cranky and in desperate need of air conditioning and hopefully something to get us both moving again. So we ventured to the mall and found this cute little coffee shop where we stopped and enjoyed a coffee and an iced latte and some Belgium chocolate and then we people watched. Of course I did have to check out some of the stores there too but the prices were just so much. We did stop at a little grocery store to buy some Vodka (yup that is where our priorities are) and some of their lemonade drink that is like a soda that we had tried at the museum. And yes there were good together. We weren't sure what to do next, and after some debate we agreed to take the local bus to a restaurant we had heard about located at Eagle Beach.

Here is their local bus, check out the turnstile, and this makes you go out the back door only. The locals were very helpful at directing us to the right bus and exactly where to get off.

Here we are a the restaurant, great food. I think it was called Mathews Restaurant. Of course we had to sample the local beer and a nice cold Margarhita. Check out that burger that Bernie has.

This was the view from our table and the beautiful Eagle Beach.

Of course we made friends with this little iguana. He came right to our table and of course we had to feed him, or I should say Bernie had to feed him.

Here he is eating lettuce

After lunch we were both spent and we were ready for the comfort of the ship. So we walked out to the road and very soon a bus had shown up. An old school bus that had no windows and was blaring music from all areas. Check out the video i took of our experience.


  1. I love your photos, including the great ones of the iguana. I am so glad I will be able to read your blog!

  2. I also love the iguanas Vickie! Such a vibrant green! Can't wait to see pictures of the helicopter ride in a later installment!