Friday, March 20, 2009

Should be Grand Turk ?

February 11, 2009 - Grand Turk

We woke up excited because after three days of trying to get to the beach we knew today would be a lovely to just relax and tour the island and hit some beaches.

The last time we were here 2 weeks ago we spent the day at Jack's Shack. Today we planned of renting golf carts and touring the island. We really wanted to check out and see the island after last year's hurricane.

We are in an inside cabin so to get our view of the outside we turn on the t.v. in the room and put it to the Bridge Cam. We noticed the Captain was taking it slow, going to the other side of the pier. Very different from last visit. Things just didn't feel right.

Sure enough we were told over the loud speaker that Grand Turk would have to be cancelled due to high winds. Now on deck you don't notice the high winds; however when you pull along side the pier the ships' thruster go into effect to dock and we were told later that the winds can not be over 30kmh for the thrusters to work correctly.

This is the first time in 18 cruises that I have missed a port due to bad weather. So I guess I was due. The Cruise Director came on the PA to announce a whole arrange of new activities planned for the day. That was impressive how quickly they turned things around on a dime and had a bunch of things for us to do. Even the guest lecturer gave an improptu lecture. All shore excursions were cancelled and refunds were being credited to your on board account, along with port charges for Grand Turk.

What I found really funny was all the people complaining how they missed Grand Turk. Some were demanding on board credits, some were emailing their Travel Adgent, some were complaining to the Purser's Desk. Are these people NUTS. Safety first, I wonder how loud their complaints would of been if the ship did dock and did damage or worse someone got hurt. Truely Grand Turk is a lovely island, but for 80% of the people on board it was just a beach day at Margarittaville. So what if you now have to go up on deck and relax in the sun, not much different.

We easily go with the flow so I got my camera out and starting taking pictures of the ship. Here are a few.

Of course an impromptu day at sea calls for lattes, muffins, and cakes in the coffee bar and a good book.

The Horizon Court is busy today. Well it was earlier in this shot.
Bernie and I relaxed today, we watched a movie, we went up on deck and suntanned, we participated in Pictionary and I even gambled away some money. All in all I believe Princess did quite well with this sea day financiall.

The cruise is winding down with only one more sea day.
We decide to skip the dining room tonight as it is formal night and we just don't want to dress up again. Plus the Horizon Court has Lobster, Crab and shrimp!

This is one of the few cruise staff, his name is Ricky but everyone calls him PeeWee... man that guy had energy. Carole is in the shot here on the left.

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