Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Vincent

February 7, 2009 - St. Vincent

How lucky are we! We are back in St. Vincent.

We had arranged prior to take Wayne's tour that was organized through our Cruise Critic Group prior. a link to their website. We met up with our group on the pier and Wayne showed up right on time.

Our beautiful ship taken from our tour boat

Joanne and Hansel with their daughter.

We went right up to this cave, check out the rock formation.

This is a picture of the same rock but up close and using the zoom.
Very sharp and lots of colors.

We sailed up the coast and came across many fishermen, seems like a very tranquil job.

Beautiful scenery

Wayne took us a black sand beach where we searched for diamonds.... I didn't find any, guess I will just have to go to Diamonds International instead.

Here is a little crab that was just walking around minding his/her own business when we came to bother it.

Here is Wayne's boat, very nice and lots of space for all of us. Wayne served us unlimited drinks! And some were stronger than others.

Here we are on the beautiful black sand beach... the sand is black because of the volcano.

Now doesn't this look so relaxing. I really love my underwater camera it can really capture the moment. There was only our small little group at this beach. Priceless.

Here is some of the gang playing around in the water. So much fun, didn't want to leave.
Now unfortunately my battery has died again! Yup didn't get a chance to charge it fully after Trinidad and St. Vincent had to pay for it. I only brought the one camera and should of brought both so I of taken more pictures.
After visiting the Diamond Black Beach, we headed up the island looking at the beautiful coastline.
We then docked at the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set. Which has unfortunately rotted away mostly except for a few items that have been saved by a business person who has a restaurant set up. Lunch was included in this tour and we all sat down and patiently waited. I ordered the fish and it was very yummy but a little to heavy and too much food for me. And I got to burp it the entire way back (is that too much info?).
A short tour of the area, where I might add we ran into many of the people from the ship we knew who had arranged taxi tours from the pier - obviously everyone is shown the old movie set. But truly I didn't think there wasn't too much to see there. I know Wayne talked about how sad it was that the government didn't keep up the set and make a more tourist attraction.
After lunch we headed down the coast and looked for whales, we did see one in the distance but that was it. We did some dolphins.
Wayne pulled up to the beach that was known for snorkeling. He was rather disappointed as the water had gotten very murky which sometimes occurs if a storm just passed or is brewing. We did get some snorkeling but it was not the best.
By this time I am getting tired and something I ate is bothering my allergies, all I want to do is get back on the ship and take an antihistamine and crash and that is just what I did.
It was a great day, and I highly recommend Wayne's Tour.

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