Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Kitts

February 8, 2009 - Basseterre

We really wanted to do a beach day, especially since we missed the beach the day before in Barbados, but the weather was not cooperating again. We figured it was just cloudy and that the sun was going to come out in the afternoon so we packed up our bathing suits in our knapsack and went to the gangway.

Low and behold who do we run into.... Sandy and Carole who are up to no good... he he he so we hooked up with them and wander the streets a bit.

Can you hear me now

Piccadilly Square but in St. Kitts

We decided to do a tour to kill some time -- now we've done island tours here but we thought heck we can see it again. We negotiated a tour with a taxi ($20 per person for 3 hours).

He took us north past the veterinary hospital, up to Rommely Manor and the Batik factory. The gardens are beautiful.

Bernie and I

What a hoot Carole and Sandi are

A woman doing Batik

We wandered around the gardens for a bit and went into the store and looked around. I already have a Batik dress but did buy some lovely homemade soap. We got back in the van and started heading South. As we tried to turn onto the main street we were caught up in some traffic. Now this is a Saturday and there is only one main road. We wondered what was up! A boat was what was up! They were towing a boat on land. It was huge and barely made clearance on each side of it. They even had to have someone to lift the wires above so that they wouldn't get caught.
This photo was taken from the van's window, see how tight it is.

And then it passes us, it seems like none of the locals are surprised, guess this is an everyday occurrence for them. And they were all so patient no road rage here.

We drove to the south end of the island to this lookout. We have a similar photo from last year. It was very very windy.

Here is the link to a great tourist site on St. Kitts

this is Friggate Bay beach, very quiet because of the weather but it looks like a lovely beach and will definitely try and make it back here some time.

this view always makes me think of Cape Breton but it is St. Kitts

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