Friday, March 20, 2009


February 6, 2009 - Bridgetown

The one problem about cruising is you plan what you want to do in each port and then when that day comes plans often have to be changed because of weather, tiredness, moodiness (mainly mine) and costs. Last time we were here we went out on Silvermoon and it had to have been the best trip we had every been on, with the best people. So this visit had a lot to live up to.

We had planned on just doing a beach day. Friends had been to Nelson Boatyard on the last cruise and it was easy to get there, even by foot. But when we got up the clouds had come in, both of us were tired, might of been all that singing the night prior. But we know the weather will probably change and hopefully our spirits will lift. We also have never seen the downtown of Bridgetown and figured we should.

We get off the ship and decide today we will take the little shuttle bus that will take us to the port facilities. Normally we walk this distance but because of the rain that was just pouring down we were glad we did take the bus. We quickly walked thru the terminal and got outside the port and dodged all the taxis, and tour guides.

There is a lovely path that follows the water and makes easy access to downtown Bridgetown.

There is a fish market on the way and just had to walk thru to check out these women cleaning the herring type fish.

The cleaned fish

We get to downtown Bridgetown and the rain has stopped but the humidity level is very high. The streets are very crowded and it is hard to get around. This city looks like all other Carribean cities many of the same stores, and souvenirs. We are getting bored with this and we are tired. So we decide to try and figure out where the boatyard is.

We walk over the bridge and on our way to the boatyard, but are having trouble finding it. The sun hasn't come out completely and we are second guessing our plans for the beach. We both agree that heading back to the ship for a nice meal and then lounging up on deck would be much nicer.

The beautiful walkway

Here is a market we came across, huge. We ended up buying some sweet breads and got a beverage and sat on a bench and ate just before getting back on the ship.
We had a nap, much needed I might add.
That evening was Italian night and we get to our table with our favorite waiter and with our favorite friends. I ordered a Limochello (spelling?) and drank up.

Yum, but a little strong. Before I could argue it was filled again! And then again! I think Julienne filled that glass six times. I was feeling no pain at all and neither were the rest of my tablemates.


  1. Hi Vickie!

    Great job on the blog. I am always amazed at how different each port looks through another passenger's eyes! We also had a very hard time finding the Boatyard, but we must have taken a different path because we didn't come across that beautiful boardwalk. I think if we had of seen it, Jim would have stopped there and not gone any farther. :)

  2. The boardwalk was right there on the right when we left the port, and continued all the way into town, but once you get into town you need to cross the bridge and that is where we got lost. We should of asked for directions but I feel secretly neither of us really wanted to go to the beach... we were tired.