Saturday, January 27, 2018

St. Thomas Evening - Most Travelled Cocktail Party

After relaxing in the cabin after a very full day we change and dress for the evening events. 

Tonight is the Most Travelled Party for the top 40 passengers.  Tonight’s party is a cocktail party instead of the luncheon.  It is held in Club 6 at 7:30.

Met this fun guy - John you had us in hysterics 

When you first enter you get your picture taken with the Captain.  But the Captain is not here!  Something must be up – stay tuned.

Instead Michael Prasse the Hotel General Manager is here welcoming us and posing for pictures.  So it is great to get a picture with Michael and we got Meghan in the shot too. 

We can order any drink and Silvio the Maitre D ensure we are given enough food.  They also made sure we had some vegetarian options.  The whole layout was very very impressive.  Cold appetizers, hot appetizers and desserts including a chocolate fountain.

Soon the Captain comes on the speaker to announce that we had a medical emergency soon after leaving St. Thomas and we are returning back and lowering a tender boat and taking the patient ashore for medical attention.  Around 9:30 we were back to regular routing.  We hope that everything works out okay for the patient. 

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