Friday, January 19, 2018

Royal Princess Here We Come

How exciting.  As I awake I feel the excitement.  We are boarding the Royal Princess today!

Our check out is 10 am and we have to coordinate a few things.

We fill the car with our bags and Barb and I are dropped off at Joe’s Dinner, which is right beside the Publix at Harbor Shops. 

The guys go to the pier and drop off the bags around 10:30 am (they said it was very quiet and they were in and out very quickly).  It helps there are only two ships in port today. They then returned the car to Budget on 17th street and then walked over to Joe’s Dinner.

We use to rave about Joe’s Diner all the time but I can see that the staff are all new and the service it not what it use to be.  The food was okay.  We find out that in fact the restaurant was sold to new owners a year and a half ago.  

Unfortunately I can no longer recommend the restaurant.

Bernie and I do a few things before walking to the port. 

I have to add how nice it was, as when we were walking to the pier Lew and Nan drove by and beeped and waved.  

Then they had turned around and came by to see if we wanted a ride.  We said no it was okay I was managing.  But really how sweet.  We have know Lew and Nan for a few years but it has been a while since we sailed together, but aren’t cruise friends just the best. 

We arrive at the pier just after 12.  We are at terminal 2 and we can see right away that there is only one entrance for all now.  

You then flow into the security area and it flows quickly.

Then you are given your health form and directed to get your cruise card.  Note: I printed out the health form from the website prior and filled it out but it was no good and needed to fill out a new one at the check in counter anyways - the one online is different.

Once you have your card you go up the escalator and on board.  There are lots of beautiful LCD screens all over and they show what is happening along the whole process.  It all looks very nice and very efficient.  Oh I should add they have lovely new leather chairs too – although we did not have to stop and wait.

In total we were on board within 15 minutes. 

Should also add that we did bring two bottles of wine on and when we went thru security there was a table set up there for us to check the bottles; however no one told us we had to and I am only guessing that is because we had only two bottles.

Once on board we dropped our bags in our cabin and then down to Vines to enjoy some coffee and people watch and to see a lot of familiar faces.

Many staff are on board that were on board in October. 
It really is like coming home.

Muster Drill is different since we were on in October.  

First the announcement starts the same but then the Love Boat Theme song plays and the words are different calling us all to head to our Muster Station. 

Oh and we no longer needed to bring our life jackets!  Yeah.  

Once in the station the drill is fast and consist of all the basics and the demo on how to put on the life jacket but then it is done.  And again some of it is light-hearted and some is also put to the Love Boat Theme Song.  I thought it was cute and made me pay attention cause it was so cute.

After the drill we head to Vines – and since we don’t have life jackets no need for everyone to go back to the cabin with the life jackets and all those trailing cords.  So we just head to Vines and relax. Sure made going up or down stairs less congested and elevator waits were minimal.

Around 5 pm we head back to the cabin and unpack and get settled in.

Tonight we meet up with Michael and his friend Meghan (who we met a few years ago and I have kept in touch with) for drinks and then a really nice dinner up in Horizon Court. 

I just love the Horizon Court here – so many great options for us.  Oh I have to say that we saw Conerad the Head Waiter from South Africa.  So nice to see him again.

After dinner we decide to walk outside on Lido and head forward then down to the Promenade to see what is happening.

The Atrium is rocking with Topaz with many people dancing.  We head down to Princess Live and pop in and we see our friends Paula and Min are up stage competing in Princess Pyramid.  This is a new game and I really enjoyed it.  The wining couple (not Paula and Min – but they were darn good) won a bottle of champagne.

When the game finishes the ship is quiet and that is our queue to head to bed.  It is almost midnight as I write this and I know my ankle is really swollen and needs to rest.

I will try and write often.  But I have decided that I would not post anything if really nothing has happened.  Or if I just don’t have the time so please be patient as some days I will have to catch up.

Events happening today:

Muster at 3:15, MaĆ®tre d’Hotel Dining Room Inquiry Desk 1:30-3, Steel Drum Player Tyrone Babb, Sailaway Celebration at 4 pm, Jewish Sabbath Service, Texas Hold’Em School, LGBT Get Together, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales on MUTS, Rhapsody is playing in the Atrium, Feature Film Kingsman – The Golden Circle in Vista Lounge, Showtime in Princess Theater, Celebrity Heads Trivia, Topaz performs in Atrium, Karaoke Madness, 18-20’s Get Together, Bogo drink special 10 to 11 in Club 6, Princess Pyramids Game Show.  And so much more.

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