Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Night of Luxury

view of the airport from our room

After finally getting the bags packed and the laundry done and the house cleaned we were ready to go.

Oh and we have three medium bags!  We usually almost always travel with just two bags but this trip is long and we have almost one entire bag full of things for our friends on board.  Heck I think Bernie has about 10lbs of Purdy's Chocolates alone.

Our niece Leanne picked us up around 2:30 to take us to the Fairmont Airport Hotel.  It has now become a bit of a tradition to stay here.  Have to say that the Fairmont brands are one of the best.  We are spoiled.  The rooms are so nice and that huge bath tub is the perfect way for me to relax and prep for a restful sleep.

We are assigned a room that faces North and has a view of the International terminal.  We can watch the planes arriving and taking off.

Staying here provides us the ease of just waking up and walking downstairs to catch our 7 am flight.

Make sure you join Fairmont's Presidential Loyalty Program.  It is free to join and you get free wifi for just being a member. 

We walk around the airport for a bit. It seems so quiet.  We love to see people checking in and seeing where the flights are going and even wonder about some places and where they are.  

Our original plan was to go to the lobby bar and get a drink but we both agreed we are tired, and the bar is noisy and we both decide that it would be much better to just go back to the room.

So now we are relaxing in the room.  Bernie is watching tv and I am writing up the blog.

Our flight is at 7 am tomorrow.  We are flying American Airlines to Fort Lauderdale via Dallas.  

Our friends Barb and Craig from California are picking us up and we are staying in an Airbnb together for two night prior to the cruise.

Thanks for following along.


  1. Have a good cruise. We also enjoy the Fairmont when going to a cruise thru Vancouver.

  2. Hope your planning on blogging during your cruise.