Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Princess Cays – Surprise Sea Day

This morning we wake well rested.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately and last night was a well-earned sleep.

People have been asking me about my ankle.  Well I am happy to report it is doing very well.  Since I just got the air cast off two weeks ago. 

Initially it was not very strong after not really needing to use the muscles around the ankle much.  On the last cruise I tried to be good and suffered when I walked too much.  But as the cruise went along and I would swim and use the Enclave to exercise my foot it got stronger and stronger.  

I know I am doing better when I can now overtake people along the Promenade when just a short while ago people were overtaking me.  

Yesterday I logged over 15,000 steps and it was a little sore and swollen but feeling good.  I also can take the stairs more now without doing the hoppedy hop step.  I look forward to getting back to a normal life – but not too soon, I want to enjoy the vacation first.  Thanks to all who wrote kinds supportive messages, I really appreciate it.

The sun is streaming into the cabin.  There are a few clouds in the sky but they don’t look menacing.  Bernie comments that it looks a bit choppy with swells as we get closer and closer to Princess Cays.  He wonders if we will get to Princess Cays after all.

Well of course soon thereafter Captain Nash announces that they are assessing the situation to see if it is safe to operate the tenders.  About 10 minutes later the announcement comes on in the cabins that in fact the Captain and the Bridge Officers (trust me they do not make this decision lightly) have made the decision to cancel the stop in Princess Cays.  The swells are too high (1.5 meters) and keeping the ship in position and the loading and unloading of tenders in those conditions is just not safe.
I know there are many on board, and probably at home being arm chair Captains (with their “knowledge” or so called “knowledge”) but until you are as experienced and actually hold the responsibility of everyone on this ship you have no right to say anything.   Although I would of loved to have gone ashore at Princess Cays, I will still have a great day on board.

Also I am pretty sure that most on board respect the decision and will still have a great day.

We are still trying to get our mini bar changed out. It is impossible to get thru to bell box.  We have been on hold for 15 minutes two times before just hanging up.  I may ultimately just get our cabin steward to arrange it.  And later we leave a note for the steward and he takes care of switching out the mini bar.

One thing I again noticed in this new cabin is the shower curtain desperately needs changing.  I really notice the smell of mold as soon as I would go in the washroom I could smell it and I could not handle the smell for long.  My sinuses immediately start to flare up.  It was so bad that I had to take the shower curtain down and put in a bag to contain the smell.  

Ironically my husband does not smell a thing, but that sometimes happens, he smells things I don’t and I smell things he does not.  But mold is my thing and my allergies kick in and the last thing I want is to have to deal with an attack that usually takes days to settle down.  Our previous cabin also had an issue but it was nowhere near as bad and could manage it.  I don’t know how often they change out the shower curtains and wash them but it clearly is not often enough. 

We keep busy all day playing games – Suduko, came in second, music trivia – didn’t suck but didn’t win, lunch was in the horizon court.  Captain made a joke that there are a lot of hamburgers to eat up since stop in Princess Cays was cancelled. 

A new revised Patter is delivered to the cabins, but one thing with the Princess at Sea you can see an updated events schedule right away.

Back in the cabin after dinner and the cabin steward has taken care of everything.  He is good. 

Tonight we shower and change and then head to the Elite lounge – but it is busy.  There are definitely more seasoned cruisers on this voyage.

For dinner Bernie suggests Ocean Terrace and I agree.  We sit at the Bar and enjoy the lobster, tuna poke, and some sushi.  A very good meal and at a reasonable price.

Lots happening tonight and we partake in the Yes No Game Show.  Well I signed up, Bernie watched.  And I lasted this time!  Kimmy and Nathalie do a great job hosting this event.

After the game we make our way to the Princess Theater for Alfred and Seymour who are a comedy duo.  Their show is fast paced, funny and high energy – we liked it.

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  1. I am loving this blog! I feel like Im right there with you. I am so glad we met you onboard on your last journey and I can't wait to see you in Feb!!!