Monday, January 22, 2018

Second Sea Day

After a rather restless sleep due to an ankle that was sore because of doing too much yesterday and a husband who snore I am late getting going.  Also the hour forward has put me back too.

Bernie heads to get breakfast and returns with a latte for me and tells me about a couple that he sat with at breakfast.  I guess the first words out of their mouth were “we don’t like this ship!  We sail Viking, they are the best”. 

Bernie handled it well he responded “I have heard great things about Viking but the two cruise brands are very very different and I am sorry you are not enjoying your cruise I hope it gets better.”  That did change this passenger's tune and I do hope he realizes it is like staying in a boutique five star hotel or staying with a nice brand hotel – very different, both are good but are meant for two different types of people.  I always recommend to people to make sure you sit down with your travel agent and discuss what is right for your needs and pick a cruise line that meets those needs.

Today the sun is shining and the temperatures are much warmer – mid 20s or high 70s F. 

Last night we definitely felt the seas but nothing really bad, just a bit of bouncing.  I am a hard person to ask how seas are as I love the movement and it does not bother me.  

Whereas someone else would say it was really bad.  Yes you feel the movement, but are things rolling around on the tables – No.

This morning there was a Sudoko Challenge at 9:30 but I missed it. 

We change into swimsuits and head up to the Sun deck and we had no problem getting two lounge chairs. The music was playing, the sun was shining and we are happy campers.

Meghan came up and joined us at some point and then after about two hours in the sun the officer on the bridge came on the speaker to announce we would be experiencing showers soon.  So a mass exodus happened.

I decide it is my time to head to the Enclave and it was nice and quiet in there.  Yes saving of lounge chairs still happens but there is a sign saying not to.  Some people will never learn.

Tonight is formal night and the Captain’s Welcome aboard.  We are dining with friends at the Crown Grill.

They gave us the lovely table in the wine cellar area.  The company was the best part.

sorry it is not in focus
Food I found to be very good and the service from Miguel outstanding.  

We also saw Ricardo there - we have known him now for 7 years and it is always lovely to see him.

After dinner we wandered around and then ran into friends and had a lovely time catching up with them.

Tomorrow is Antigua and our first port stop.  

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