Monday, January 22, 2018

First Sea Day Evening

Observations from today:

  • There are a lot of new cruisers on this trip – well not like the 7 day voyages but more than what I am use to on these 10 day cycles.
  • The ship does not feel crowded at all. 
  • The demographics seem younger too with a few kids.  
  • Someone told me 36 kids are on board but I can not confirm that but I have seen a few but not many.
  • The ship looks great!  A bit of wear and tear that comes with being in use every day of the year but I do see the crew working hard all the time to keep up with it all.
  • I noticed that now the elevator banks have each bank on their own call button.  So at a bank of four elevators the two on the port side are controlled by the button between the elevators, and the starboard is controlled by the button in between those two elevators.  Makes sense!  And since I have to use the elevators a lot because of my ankle I have found them rather easy to get – unless of course it is right when a show gets out.  But overall I think it is working fine.

After getting ready for the evening we decide to head down to the Elite Lounge which is in Club 6.  It sure feels weird to be here without Roy and Sandra. 

We sit down and immediately see William the bartender is still here!  So nice to see him again.

We order two Boulevardier and when they come we realize we ordered the wrong drinks as soon as we see them as they are a dark color.  

Realizing that this is Roy’s favorite drink.  Maybe he was channeling us to enjoy them.  But we are not into Rye so we look around and see a man nearby is enjoying them so I get up and take them over to him and say “enjoy compliments of us, and our mistake”  he was very happy.

So back to ordering the right drink and we did – the Floradora is our favorite and is made with Gin. 

The staff here are so good and it is busy in here. 

The drinks featured on the Platinum/Elite/Suite menu are:  Boulevardier, Mayan Mule, Port Lemonade, Tito’s Fresh Mint Lemon drop, Bacardi Limon Mojito, Floradora, Cherry Blossom Garden, Deep Sea Martini.  Cost of each is $6.50

Around 7:30 we head up to the Horizon Court for dinner.  
Tonight, the feature menu is Brazilian Night.

A Buffet Steward comes by and is so happy to see us.  He remembers us from last Fall and also from last April.  I feel bad, because I don’t remember him.  But I certainly will remember him now.  Bernie says he remembers him as he served us in Alfredos in the Fall. 

We also had a lovely chat with Denis from Peru about his amazing country.  He is heading home soon so he is quite excited.

After dinner we wander down to Princess Live where Bernie takes part in the Logo trivia and ends up wining a coaster.  Me I wander down to the Atrium to get a drink and chat with Felix and Faralel from Vines. 

I want to partake in the Yes No Game Show and we arrive and grab a seat.  Nathalie and Kimmy are hosting and have to say I absolutely adore these two Aussies.  So much energy and so kind and welcoming.  You really need these assets to be a good Cruise Staff member.  Making everyone feel like they are important and that they are going to have fun.

I did get called for the Yes No Game and I lasted 2 min 18 seconds.  Nathalie got me!  I said YES.  It was fun and heck I will never see these people again.  Only one person made it passed the 3 minutes.  And then our friend Min was chosen to question Nathalie and try and get her.  And he succeeded! 

Also tonight Comedian Hypnotist Kellie Karl was in the Princess Theater – friends attended and she was even hypnotized.  Way to go Paula.

Time for bed.  Clocks go forward an hour today as we head south and east.  My ankle is quite swollen.  It does hurt because of the swelling, and can’t even get my foot into shoes so I am wearing my flip flops around.  I need to try and stay off it more tomorrow.

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