Monday, January 15, 2018

Great News

Just got back from the orthopedic surgeon and looks like I can stop wearing the air boot cast.  

The ligaments still need some time to repair but that will happen with time.  

But I am so happy I now don't have to worry about the cast.  I can swim in the pool, go into the ocean, lather the sunscreen on, and wear cute outfits without trying to coordinate shoes with the boot.

Have been advised not to wear high heels for a while so need to go shopping for some cute low shoes to wear with dresses and nice pants.

We leave tomorrow for the airport hotel.

I am doing the happy dance.  Carefully.


  1. Look for Sketchers in a shoe store .Very comfortable and light weight.

    1. Thanks. I like sketchers and own a pair. Needed something a little dressier for a dress. Got 2 pairs of flats

  2. My wife has dressy Sketchers for formal nights on board.