Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flying to Fort Lauderdale

After a night of little sleep - I think I was a bit too excited to sleep - the alarm goes off at 4 am and we jump up out of bed and we are showered and dressed and ready to go.

So nice to just roll the bags out of the hotel and down the escalator and right to the American Airlines check in.

Because we are flying to the United States we check in and go through security (get Nexus or Global Entry it will save you tons of time) and right away US Customs is there.  Many Canadian airports have pre clearance.  Once you go through here you are technically in the United States, or at least in the eyes of the government.

We have just over an hour before our flight and we both need to get some coffee.  I just love our airport in Vancouver.  It has lots of options and it looks so pretty.

If you want more information about flying into Vancouver and detailed information about how to get into town or to the airport after or before a cruise check out my blog post called Vancouver Airport tips for travellers

After successfully getting our caffeine into us we are ready to board.

Our flight at 7 am takes us to Dallas and then from Dallas we fly to Fort Lauderdale, arriving just after 6 pm (note there is a 3 hour time change).  

We are served a lovely breakfast (we chose the steel cut oats) and of course I wash it down with not one, but two mimosas.

The day is stunning and the view from the plane changes every few seconds.

We truly live in a beautiful world, we just need to take the time to enjoy it.

Arrival into Dallas is smooth and we are a little early but this gives us time to stretch our legs and use the washroom.  

Note ankle is crazy swollen because of the flight so I take this time to elevate my foot on our suitcase and drop a couple of Advil.

The next flight is shorter and we are served a lovely Mediterranean salad with chicken (we did not eat the chicken).

Arrival into Fort Lauderdale is a little delayed as we were a little late leaving Dallas.

Barb and Craig are picking us up and as soon as we get our bags and walk out we are greeted by smiling Barb and soon Craig pulls up and whisks us all away.

We are staying in an Airbnb that we found a while ago that is centrally located and is large enough for the two couples.  Here is a link to the spot we are staying.  And again if you are interested at all in staying in an Airbnb and want a discount off your first booking click on this link and sign up and when you take your first trip you will save money.  

The apartment is great and gives us the space and comfort that feels like we are at a home.  

Craig and Barb greet us with champagne and we sit around the table and chat and catch up.  Another bottle of champagne, a couple bottles of wine and we are happy.  But talk to me tomorrow.

We crash relatively early and as I awake, I have to pinch myself.  I am in Fort Lauderdale and tomorrow we board the Royal Princess.


  1. Did u guys fly business class?
    It's so worth it.
    Have fun

    1. Yes flew business. Not sure it was worth it as it is 100% more but it was bernie's birthday present and a nice treat

  2. Did you guys fly business class?
    So worth it.
    Have Fun, looking forward to your blogs