Tuesday, January 23, 2018


We meet up with Meghan and head ashore together.  As is common in the Caribbean a rain shower has passed and now that it has stopped it is incredibly muggy.

We head to Exotic Antigua store to check out the Tommy Bahamas shirts.  However, when we get there it is very busy. Bernie picks out two shirts he tries them on and decides to buy them.  I took at two blouses to try on, a black one and a white one.  The staff said you can try on the black one but not the white one.  Fine then I don’t want to even think of buying without trying.  They said it was because they did not want to get it dirty. 

So Bernie tried to pay for them, and while standing at the cashier Bernie finally gave up as so many people were in the line and then he kept getting pushed back when others went ahead.  So not a great experience and I probably would not go back into Exotic Antigua.

We grabbed a bite to eat and a cold drink and enjoyed the scenery.

Dylan and Ben along with Laverne were heading to C & C’s winebar and we were told to join them so we went to meet them.  We ordered another bottle of wine to enjoy.

We got the bill and I as shocked to see that it said $100 for the wine.  OMG, Meghan offered to charge it and then when we commented how high it was, Ben said “it is in Eastern Caribbean dollar” oh phew!  Ended up it was only $36 ish American.  Okay I can accept that.

Ben wanted ice cream and we decided to indulge too.  Yummy! 

I returned to the ship and Bernie stayed with Meghan for another drink. 

Even though my foot is healing it does swell up if I walk a lot.  So I thought it would be smart to return and ice my ankle. 

Celebrity Reflection is right next to us.  I see a group of people heading to the bow of the ship for some event. 

They are checking people in there and giving them a drink.  Since I have never been on Celebrity I am not sure what it is about but hopefully one of you can help me answer this question.

Later we are in the International Café and run into Paula and Min and Meghan is there too so we all sit and chat and wow an hour has passed!


  1. I always check out that TB shop for a bargain, sometimes its packed others not so, love those shirts but, it has to shout to me from the rack, then I will buy!

  2. The Celebrity event on the helipad could be one of the sailaway/sail in perks ... sometimes based on cabin category ... sometimes for loyalty category. We’ve been to several of them, most recently arriving into Geiranger. It’s fun and allows for a different perspective. Champagne and juice are served ... hot chocolate in cold weather.

  3. Probably a wedding or renewal of vows.They very rarely open the landing pad on the bow.