Monday, January 8, 2018

Preparing for the Cruise

With a week to go before we leave it is time to get the bags ready, to pick up the last minute items and prepare for the cruise.

The fact that we are gone for so long requires some extra special planning. 

First I need to deal with this broken ankle and have had to come to the realization that some changes need to be made with regards to excursions.  The main thing is Bonaire where we had booked a tour on a snorkel boat.  Even though I can swim the thought of trying to climb a ladder at the back of the boat is probably not going to happen. Thankfully I was able to cancel easily and we are in the midst of planning something different.

Even though we are on for 40 days, we don't have too many excursions booked.  And the ones we do have should be okay with me hobbling behind with my boot.  It will require us taking more shuttles or taxis where we normally just walk, which may be a good break for all of us.

Second we have arranged for our nephew to watch over our apartment, collect mail and he is even taking our car in to get something repaired.  Ken we appreciate it!

Third we have picked up all our treats for the crew at Prudys.  We also got some gifts for some friends who are crew and some things for their kids.  Thankfully we have extra luggage allowance!

Fourth I have to get to the last doctors appointments and ensure I get all necessary prescriptions.  I have confirmed with the Senior Doctor on board that they can do xrays on my ankle to check for bone repair.

This week will have to get haircuts, pedicures (don't touch the ankle), US money, banking done and then packing.

Even though the trip is not how we originally planned it we are both still excited to be going and look forward to the time away and of course seeing so many dear friends again.

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