Monday, January 22, 2018

First Sea Day

here is my Panorama Shot sorry got a little shaky in the middle

We wake early and while Bernie heads up to Horizon Court to get breakfast I shower and get ready for the day.

It is a bit cooler this am, but this is rather common on our first sea day out of Florida.  Note by the afternoon it had warmed up considerably.

I should also add the wifi on board has not been upgraded to what is being experienced on Regal right now.  Or at least I am not experiencing it.  The signal in our cabin seems like it is strong but pages are taking a long time to load.  I therefore tend to open numerous windows and have different site load simultaneously so time is not spent on one page waiting for it to load.  This works well.  However by mid day I was no longer able to log on to the internet.  

Seems there is a problem with my account so have to get it figured out with the Internet guy. (I ended up leaving a note for the internet guy as there was a long line and when I logged on next time it was perfect.)

Our meet and greet was scheduled for today at 10 am in Club Six.  It had been coordinated earlier by Paula with head office.  However when we got on board Paula found out that Club Six has something scheduled in it (trivia) at 10 am and our meet and greet is for 11 am in Princess' eyes. 

There is no way to contact everyone on the roll call to inform them of the change so we all meet in the Bellini's Bar instead and it actually worked out better.  The smaller space meant we all could chat with each other.  

Note there was noise from Atrium as something was going on there but we all managed quite fine.  I brought a bunch of prizes I had won during past cruises along on this trip to give away as prizes.  

Overall it was a great meet and greet, and so nice to meet people we had been chatting with for such a long time.

Bernie and I agreed Alfredos is the place to go for lunch.  I ordered the Romana Pizza – minus the anchovies.  Here is a picture, sorry I only remembered I should take a picture once I had eaten half of it. 

There is so much going on this afternoon and I spend a lot of time wandering the ship, watching the events, enjoying the sea view, reading, doing Sudoku, and then a nap.  Now can anything be better on vacation, I don't think so?

We have been trying to get our mini bar changed out – but again it is so hard to get through to bell box. We either get a busy signal or we are on hold forever (one call we were on hold for 15 min – and I just hung up).  Finally, late this afternoon we were able to get it changed out.  This is an ongoing issue and wish Princess would work this out somehow.  Adding it to the Princess at Sea app would be nice.  We could then just send a message and it could be done at their convenience.  Also adding room service menu to it (currently breakfast can be done) would be a step forward too. Biggest issue is we can't get thru to Bell Box without busy signal, or long waits.

We did partake in the World of Travel Trivia at 1 pm.  We sat with friends from the Roll Call.  I really enjoy this game, probably because it is all about travel and I do love to travel.  I am also proud to say we did not do too bad – respectable.  But did not win.  

While playing Bill told us how they had spent the night prior to the cruise at the Rennaisance Hotel on 17th Street and it was only once they go on board the ship that they realized they had forgotten their insulin in the fridge in the room at the hotel.  They both require insulin!  They immediately went down to the Purser’s desk and along with the help of the passengers in line and the front desk they were able to contact the hotel.

Now this is 3 pm!  The hotel got the insulin and got their shuttle service to get it to the ship with just a bit of time to spare.  

I love hearing these stories and how everyone came together to help them out.  This is how we all need to act – be kind to one another.

Events today around the ship included:  Knittes and Needlepoint Get Together, Bible Study, Book Club Check Out, Bridge and Card Players, Morning Mimosas at Effy, Zumba 9:45, Fruit and Vegetable Carving, Shopping Spotlight Show 10, Team Trivia, Balloon and Can Target Practice, Princess Pop Choir rehearsal, New Cruisers Welcome Event, Putt Putt Golf Challenge, Line Dancing with CD Matt, Future Cruise Presentation, Slot Tournament, Pool Games, MUTS daytime movie Big, Team Trivia 3 pm, Bogo Happy Hour 3-4 in Crooners, Afternoon Tea, Bocca Ball Competition, Zumba 4 pm, and so much more.

I saw Matt doing the line dancing and he is very very good. I really love his energy and he really makes people feel at home and that everyone is special.  

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