Saturday, January 27, 2018

On a Surprise Sea Day

Today was suppose to be a day in Grand Turk but due to a storm brewing in the Atlantic Captain Nash decided to keep the ship in the Caribbean Sea sheltered by the Bahamian Islands for the safety of everyone.

We also got a refund to our on board account in the amount of $15.60 each for the Grand Turk Port Fees.

Of course these decisions are never easy and are done with a lot of consultation.  Ultimately the safety of the passengers and the ship are most important.

We wake with the sun beaming into the cabin.  After a quick shower we are roaming about the ship.

I get my soy latte and catch up with some friends.  I then try my luck at the casino for a bit and end up make a small donation.

There is a lot happening on board.  I am really impressed with Cruise Director Matt’s line dance class. 

Min really likes Bernie’s new t-shirt that we got in St. Thomas.

For lunch we meet up with all our friends for lunch in the dining room.  There are ten of us and it is nice to get together.

One of my favorite soups is on the menu – white bean minestrone. 

After lunch we done our bathing suits and head up to the Sanctuary again.  Oh man I want to bring the serenity stewards home with us.  It is so relaxing!

The sun is shining, there is a light breeze and the intermittent clouds keep the temperatures bearable. We enjoy afternoon tea up there and we got some colour too.

People always ask is there a benefit or perk to booking back to backs.  Well financially no there is no discount given for doing back to backs.  But there is a perk of being able to reserve some things because you are on the sailing prior.  

One thing is we have been able to reserve lounge chairs for three days in the Sanctuary next voyage.  Although some may think this is unfair, it is a perk for staying on for longer.

We end up leaving around 4 pm as a few sprinkles started and we have a relatively early dinner tonight.

Tonight we are off to enjoy the Super Tuscan Dinner.  I have written about it before and here is a detailed link to the post about it

Other things happening on board:

Zumba, Ping Pong, Team Trivia, Corteo on Muts, Bing, Princess Grapevine, Line Dancing, Motown Moments:  Who Sang What, 60 second frenzy, Digital Camera Scavenger hunt, Pub Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Wonder Woman in Vista Lounge.

This evening events:

Feature Film Wonder on MUTS, Ballroom Dancing with Gordon and the Royal Princess Orchestra, Acapella Group the Alleycats, Where in the World Am I Game Show, Who Sang It Rock n Roll Revival, Festivals of the World Mardi Gras, Movie Poster Trivia. 

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