Saturday, October 3, 2015

Low Canadian Dollar Means We Have to Rethink Cruise Plans

The low Canadian dollar is killing us.  We originally were going to head out on the Royal in the new year for 37 days. Three ten day voyages and then add a seven day cause we haven't been to Nassau and St. Maarten in so very long.

We both were quite excited about this.  Everything was reserved, cruises, flights, hotels, and car.

But after much discussion last night we had to come to the realization that we had to cancel the last leg.  Even with the price of $700 US each that is a $1,000  Canadian.  

We contacted HotWire, who we booked our air travel with and talked with a great guy name Mike.  He informed me that American Airlines would charge us $200 each for changing the booking.  

Then we also had to pay the difference in flight cost which was around $300 each!  Crazy.  Mike recommended we just leave our itinerary as it is and then just not take the return flight.  Then book a one way flight home at a good rate. 

Even though we haven't booked the flight as of yet it  looks like we can get one way flights for $530 Canadian total for both seats.  So instead of $500 US each we will pay the $530 total and Canadian.

Sure it would of been nice but hey I certainly can't complain or whine too loudly since we will be on board for 30 days.  

But this does give me some sense of accomplishment and realizing it is more important to stay within our budget.



  1. Sorry about you having to change your plans, but I have to say I am really looking forward to your daily reports from the Royal. Me and my sister will be on her in April for 20 days and I can't wait. I will probably be asking tons of questions when you board.

    1. that is great! Make sure to check my blog from this past January/February as we spent 30 days on the Royal then too. I blogged about activities, ports, events, menus, restaurants etc. Lots of info. Just look at January 18 2015

  2. Love the info you share! One question: for the one way fare, which airport are you returning to, YVR or Bellingham or Seattle? In your opinion, how should I try flying from YVR or US airport to Florida for good prices? TIA

    1. Former Educator - we use to drive to Seattle and park the car and fly from there. Back then the dollar was almost at par, and flights were much cheaper out of Seattle. But in recent years we have found flying right from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale has only been about $50-$75 more so we flew from here. Flights out of Seattle or Vancouver take about the same time and usually require one stop (usually Dallas/Houston or Atlanta). We have never flown out of Bellingham cause that would just add another leg to the voyage and not that much of a savings.

  3. Vickie I should have checked the last message! Thanks for your helpful info!