Thursday, October 8, 2015


Wow my blog just rolled past the 300,000 views today! 

When I started this blog it was to replace my journaling I did in a book. To share with my Mom and other family members and friends what and where we were and to show why we loved to travel. 

To show why we gave up so much throughout the year to save money so we could travel. 

Most times I love doing it.  I love writing and sharing helpful information that can hopefully add to someone's trip.  Some times it is a chore.  Especially when we are travelling and we are busy and I need to catch up before I get too far behind.  Sometimes just trying to get a signal can be challenging. Here I am sitting on the floor near the door in order to get a strong enough signal from the wifi.  Note this doesn't happen often but I guess this cabin was just a bit further away from the router.  

Today I find the blog is so helpful for others who use it as a resource now for learning about places, tours, ships, and Princess. I love where it has gone and all the great connections with people it has brought me. 

Every cruise we go on we hear "are you Vickie, I follow your blog".  And trust me although it feels awkward at first we love meeting you and we love learning about you and how you enjoyed the blog. What has been fun is meeting these people and then they appear in the blog that day and then they have become very good friends and we sail together again later.

We leave again soon for another big adventure. I hope you will follow along.

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