Friday, October 9, 2015

Countdown to Mediterranean

As many of you know we are heading out soon for our big 20th Anniversary Voyage.  

Our first time in the Mediterranean!  This trip all came about originally because for us when we have a big birthday, and I turned 50 in August, that person gets to plan a trip.

So almost two years ago Bernie kept saying what do you want to do for your 50th?  I also kept saying it isn't only my 50th but our 20th Wedding Anniversary so we should decide together.

Well long story made shorter -- I  picked a Mediterranean cruise with the Trans Atlantic added on for the Island leaving Oct 25.  We would celebrate both events this voyage.  But Bernie surprised me with a cruise on my actual birthday so this trip is now just for our Anniversary.  I don't need to be reminded about the 50th age anymore.

Since this is the first time in this area we had a lot more research that was needed cause we were totally green.  So many great tips were provided by so many friends, fans from my Facebook fan page and from Cruise Critic.

But note we leave in ten days and we are still working and trying to get it all done before we go and it is starting to pile up.  

I am off today so I am tackling a bunch of things on that list, including heading out to vote today in the advance polls for our Federal Election that happens on the day we fly out.

Our friend Katrina is staying here again while we are away so I have to prepare the house for her. Can't leave it messy like we would if we were leaving it empty.  

We are sailing over Halloween and I want to pick up some decorations for our cabin door today too.

Although I haven't pulled out any clothes yet I will aim to do this early next week and then start scaling it back as well.  I know I need layers and we could get all kinds of weather so will have to be prepared but want to ensure I can pack multi use items.  Like a pashmina that I can use on the plane, use to cover my head in a Mosque, and use around the ship if I get cold.

Bernie is in charge of all the currency, banking stuff.  Long time rule for us is this is his role when we travel cause I really hate dealing with it and he is so much better when dealing with currency conversions.

All tours have been confirmed, printed out and details added to our itinerary.  All the Rick Steve's resources have been divided and only pertinent information will be brought along.  

Eight more work days!  But who is counting.

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  1. I have the pool table covered in Misc. Items to be sorted and many discarded. But everything I think I might want is there.
    Unusual items include: RFID covers for passports and credit cards, money belt, bra wallet (credit card), Excel packing spreadsheet, compression socks, Britta water bottle, shoe pockets for back of bathroom door for stuff, European cell phone, photocopies of everything in wallets and passports, extra passport pix, duct tape, Lysol wipes--for cabin surfaces, wipes for airplane surfaces, Melatonin for jet lag, corkscrew, magnetic clips, suction hooks, Halloween costume, Halloween surprise gifts (ask for one)...and too much more. Great tip recently prevent leaky bottles, cut a small square of plastic wrap and screw it between cap and bottle. Really works!
    See you onboard. Happy Anniversary. (We're doing 47.)