Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday Afternoon - Capital Hill, Lunch and Palatine Hill

After leaving the Forum we knew we were right near the back side of Capital Hill.  Yup stairs!  We climbed all the stairs to the top and came out right behind the Senate Building (Palazzo Senatorio). There is the "replica" of the She Wolf statue, original is in the museum right here in the square - but no time for that.

The Piazza del Campidoglio is huge.  Michelangelo drew up the plans for this square.  It is stunning. And the large statue of Marcus Aurelias is well larger than life.  Seems to be a trend here, I seem to turn a corner and I am gob smacked by another Wow sight.

Since we are up here we decide to head into Santa Maria in Aracoeli church.  Entering from up here saves us from climbing the steep steps from the road.

The church doesn't look like much from the outside but again, you walk in and you are in awe of the size, the beauty and the sheer opulence.  I light a candle for a friend who's sister is not well.  Bernie and I light a candle for our Mothers, oh how we wish we could of shown them this place.

To access the church from the square access the stairs seen here.

Stunning views from outside the church at the first level of the Victor Emmanuel Monument.

These are the stairs you need to climb to get to the Santa Maria in Aracoeli church if you do it from the road.  We went via the square.  These stairs are steep.  This is the church of the Roman Senators and people.

So if you want the short cut to the Victor Emanuel elevator at the back of the monument - or just the amazing look out follow this entrance after you leave the church.  The elevator line up is right at your right.

We need something to eat, it is around 2 pm and we decide to head down to street level and walk a few streets in. 

We come across a small road/alley and we take it and see this restaurant called La Cabana - I couldn't find a website but their facebook link is here.

Right away this place looks peaceful and accommodating. We are sat at a nice table, many locals are around, the waiter comes over right away and we order some house wine and water.

We start with an antipasta of olives, cheese with warm honey and some fried zucchini flowers.

Pasta course is Ravioli with ham, peas and ricotta.

Secondi is veal in wine sauce and it was so darn good we could cut it with our fork

The waiter comes by with the dessert course and I get the custard with pine nuts and of course two espresso.  When in Rome....

We are full and we are pleasantly surprised at the cost as it is around what we paid for lunch yesterday and 100 times better.

We can now take on Palatine Hill but first we stop to check out Trajan's Column and Trajan's Markets.  Very impressive.

We walk back to the entrance and then realize that the Entrance to Palantine is also the same entrance to the Roman Forum.  Oh no, we know you can not re enter the site once you have left.  We thought it was a totally different site.  We left thinking we could go for lunch then do the other site.  

Well we arrive and put our ticket in and it comes back as re entry.  Hmm the guy tells us we can re enter.  We explain what happened and he stills says we can not re enter.  But he accepts our situation and then allows us to enter.  I guess if he would of been adamant we would not of had a choice but would of left.  But we are glad he allowed us in.

We wander around the site and check out many different ruins but we are really on information overload and after about an hour we head back to the apartment to rest up before our evening tour of the Vatican Museum.

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