Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Think My Legs May Fall Off - Thursday Afternoon

After leaving the Vatican we - okay I - decide to stroll a bit. Really I just want to get away from all the crowds.

Initially our goal was to do the Basilica in the morning and then lunch then the Jewish Ghetto Podcast that Rick Steve's has.  So we start walking and we cross the Tiber and head towards the start of the Jewish Ghetto walk but we want lunch first.  

We walk and walk and make a turn and bam we are at Campo de Fiori - funny how we ended up here but we did. We see a little spot and take a table outside and wait.  A waiter comes by and we ask for a menu, he leaves. He never came back -- not sure why, but this language thing does get in the way.  I really wish I spoke more Italian.  We waited 20 minutes and then just gave up and left.

Next door is a little restaurant and we sit. The restaurant is called Ristorante Baullari.  There are two very animated servers, one is named Sergio.  Although they were fun to watch they were so comical because it was funny to see how they just couldn't get most things right.

We ordered two glasses of wine, a seafood stew, a fried cheese starter and a pizza and bottled water.

Considering there are maybe a total of 10 tables here and not every table is currently occupied, and the tables that are occupied have either one person or maybe two.  

He brings us one glass of wine, we have to ask for the second.  He forgets the water, we remind him.  

One server comes out with food and tries to give it to us but it isn't ours.  Then we noticed them come out with more food and try to give it to another table that was the wrong one.  Thankfully our food does come out and is served to us.  I would hate to think how these two would handle a full place.

Bernie really wanted the seafood stew.  It said it was for two but he really wanted it and when it comes out it is amazing!  

Sadly I had the fried cheese starter - which was not what I thought it would be.  One was stuffed with fish, one was stuffed with risotto (which I liked but was dry), and one was stuffed with cheese, and the other one is an olive stuffed with something, not sure what.  Anyways it was all way too salty.  I tried each but didn't finish any of them.  

We wait and Sergio says "you all done" and goes to clear the table.   We say "no we are waiting for the pizza".  ohhh he says and walks away.

Then we can hear him complaining to the other waiter about the pizza.  15 minutes later our pizza comes out. 

It was good, but not great - the one we had the other night was much better.  

Overall it was a fun lunch, the surroundings and watching these two try to serve us all was quite a show.  Sadly this was the worst meal we have had (minus the seafood stew and the wine) but was the most expensive by far.  

Originally we were going to do the Jewish Ghetto Tour with Rick Steve's but we have thrown that out the window.  We are tired and agree to just walk back with me leading the way.

In our relationship I am the map reader, I love all things maps.  I have had a great sense of direction since I was little and find I instinctively can find my way around. Bernie is the knowledge guy, he can look at anything and dissect it and explain so much about it.  But his sense of direction isn't that great, he often walks in the opposite direction or points and says isn't that such and such and I respond, oh no that is in the totally opposite direction. Together we make a great team.

Circus Maximus

So as we head out I lead him in the direction of home.  I am doing great.  I make it past the Mouth of Truth (forget it there is a long line and we are tired).  We walk down and along the Circus Maximus.  Hmmm this just doesn't seem fitting for a site with so much history, but I see they are working at fixing it up.

Circus Maximus - looking back

But here is where we go wrong, okay  where I go wrong.  As we arrive at the intersection Bernie says "to the left?" and I smugly say "oh no it is to the right and then up this way". He knows better than to question me, but he was right.  

He does follow me though as I lead him in the opposite direction and I keep looking at my map APP that I swear looks odd too but I am determined.  

Well in the end I sit on a park bench and throw up the white flag - "sorry Bernie I am lost".  All I feel like doing is laying there and crying.  Note this is because of the long day, the jet lag and very little sleep I don't normally feel like doing this - well okay, usually every other day.

This is where I fall in love with Bernie all over again.  He responds "that is okay lets sit for a bit and get our bearings" he looks at the map and really he can't even tell where we are let alone figure out how to get back.  But that is okay he stands up, raises his hand and flags a taxi.  The taxi takes us right back to the hotel for around 6E and Bernie is just so happy he hands him a 10 and says "keep the change, you made  our day".  The driver is very thankful and so am I as we crawl back to the apartment.  The time is 3 pm.  I have logged 40,000 steps today!

So this trip is in celebration of our 20th Anniversary and this is the secret to it.  The eb and flow, I shine where Bernie lacks and Bernie shines where I lack.  The extra special thing is we are okay when the other falls down and is ready to pick that person up.

Okay enough romantic mumbo jumbo, it is like watching the movie the Notebook isn't it.

We decide we have done enough today.  We agree to head to the grocery store (which is so tiny it doesn't have what we really need) but we manage to get some bread, some fruit and some more wine.  We will dine at home tonight. Although I feel bad missing the sites I know we both need a rest.

One thing I can determined with certainty that what we have planned ends up being too much, we have so far cut our day's sites in half.  We just can't do it all and I don't want to push myself.  We will just have to come back is all. 

So planning St. Peter's for the entire day with the Necropolis is just about enough for today.  Bernie is napping currently and I am forcing myself to stay awake until at least 10 pm. 

Tomorrow is another great day so stay tunned.


  1. Go to Pharmacy and get some Melatonin, it will help with the jet lag even though you are a day or 2 late with it. It's a natural product. Walking in Italy is exhausting and the crowds are ..........

    1. yes we use it all the time, we like the liquid form.

  2. Just amazing photos Vickie! I'm the map reader between Brian & I to. I've got a great sense of direction somehow. Maybe built in GPS! lol! I look forward to reading you blog daily and love your amazing photos!