Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday October 27, 2015 – Cannes, France

Unfortunately I just didn’t have a good sleep last night. No real reason just kept waking up and then around 5 am I gave up and started reading.  When Bernie woke around 7 he says we will just stay in Cannes today.  Our original plans were to take the train to Nice today.  But sometimes Bernie knows me better than I know myself.

Also the weather is overcast with the chance of showers – the first chance of rain we have had since arriving.  
So when breakfast arrives we enjoy it on the balcony (which is covered) as we watch them drop the tenders and.

We arrived quite early and the tenders were up and running very quickly.  I can’t comment on how busy they were cause we didn’t really do much for the first few hours but around 10 am you no longer had to go to the dining room to get tender tickets.

I managed to get an hour more of sleep and then showered and we ventured out around 11 am.  

The tender ride was quick, about ten minutes and then another five  minutes once in the dock area and tying up – so 15 minutes in total.

We grab a map right at the pier at the tourist office.  There is also free wifi here and a place to sit and hook up if necessary.

there is this little train you can take

We cross the street and head up the stairs to the Old Town. The Museum is here and for 6.50 E you can visit it.  Behind the museum is the church of Notre Dame de L’Esperance.  
We leave and walk up hill a bit along stunning little roadways checking out the quaint stores/restaurants.

We stop at a small wine/café bar – Salsamenteria Di Parma for a cappuccino and a cookie.  The cookie is so good that we actually buy two more to take with us for later.  We are real foodies and love experiencing the local treats and boy are we in the right area.  Bernie is drooling as we pass bakery after bakery, shops selling olives, cheeses, wines, jams, honeys and so much more.  

 We pick up two macaroons from one shop to bring to some friends on board – Mabel up in Crooners and the young ladies at the coffee bar who are stuck on board.

We walk thru a wine store and we see one of our favorite champagnes and trust me we are tempted to get it but we decide not to cause the price is about what we pay at home and we have so much to drink as of right now.  I promise Bernie that if we are getting low on our supplies we can pick some up on the way thru the next time for the trans Atlantic.  

We continue along Rue Felix Faure and continue when it turns into Rue D’Antibes.  I stop into a soap shop and buy some lovely soaps (this area is known for their perfume manufacturing) and we can pick up six specialty soaps for 10E.  I will use a few while on board to remember the beautiful area.

I will add there are numerous options here but one I saw that many may be interested in is the Petite Train that will pick you up right outside the port and take you around town.  But it is quite easy to walk too.

train station

We do walk up to the train station so we know where it is for a future visit.

We then continue walking along Rue D’Antibes and the shops are very very nice, high end, and well something we are not really interested in.

When we are back along the water walking back, right in front of the Carlton Hotel we notice a man bend over by us and pick up this gold ring.  He says to us oh it won’t fit me here you have it.  We say no you keep it.  He says no you have it and just give me a few Euros for a sandwich.  We laugh and say to each other “scam” and sure enough yes it is a scam.  As we turn around and watch this guy he is doing the same thing to another couple.  

We both decide to just head back on board.  We had thought of getting lunch but everything is very expensive and we are not really hungry and don’t feel like hanging around until we are.  So we start to walk back in the direction of the tender dock.

There is little lines when we arrive back and the tender fills up quite quickly and we are back on board around 2 pm.
In all it was a short visit.  I do wish we would of done more and maybe have gone to Nice but we can’t do it all and today is just what we needed.


  1. Hi Vickie.We copped the 'ring scam' in Paris last year. The first time, I gave the woman all the coins in my wallet - a little over €2. She was most unhappy but gave us the ring anyway. I still have it on my computer desk as a memento.

    The second one, my wife saw a different woman palm the ring first before "bending down to pick it up".These people will try anything to scam tourists out of their money

  2. Hi Vickie
    That's very much how JE and I like to spend most of our days when visiting that area .
    Thanks for posting . .
    Josie . .