Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Florida Trip in Early 2016

Florida... the good and bad about leaving from Florida - Fort Lauderdale to be exact.

We have been sailing out of Fort Lauderdale now for almost two decades.  We have seen it change so much.  But I guess every place has changed!  Sounding my age?

Because of how bad the Canadian Exchange rate is, currently 30% we have to be conscious of what we spend when visiting the US right now.  

One thing we find is the prices have really shot up for hotels.  Especially those around the port. Often it is rare to even find a room under $200 near the port or on the beach.  It was only three years ago that we were getting rooms at the Hyatt or the Sheraton for under a $100.  Well times have changed.

We are heading into Florida two nights prior to the cruise so we were looking for something reasonable. We love coming in early.  We really enjoy spending time here and it really helps to get use to the three hour time change from Vancouver.  

When we were able to secure a rental car with Alamo for $31 a day (thru Priceline) we knew we could venture out of the port area for a hotel.

We have done this regularly lately.  We love the idea of having a car and love the idea of heading out and playing tourist too.  Oh I guess I should add Bernie loves visiting Sawgrass Mills Shopping Mall.

I love Priceline and after bidding quite a few times on a four star in the Weston/Sawgrass area I finally secured the Bonaventure Resort and Spa.  We stayed here in 2009 when it was a Hyatt. Lovely resort and huge!  Here is a link to the hotel.

Best thing is we got it for $84 a night.

So now with hotel and car booked we are all set for Fort Lauderdale.

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