Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon and Evening

Once back on board we get a drink in the coffee bar on deck five.  We give the girls their macaroon and we head upstairs to give Mabel her macaroon up in Crooners.  We hope they enjoy their little taste of France.

Later on we are in the cabin and we decide to just order room service for a late lunch.  We get two clubhouse sandwiches with fries and they hit the spot perfectly.  We enjoy some nice white wine – we picked up a bottle from our wine package and just took it back to our cabin.  Trust me if you are a wine drinker and on a voyage of 10 days or longer try the wine package it is worth it.  I got the 12 bottles of the silver package for $240.  To learn more about the wine package check out the blog I wrote all about it.

I type up the blog and Bernie is napping and boy that does seem like a good option.  This trip is tiring and we need to squeeze in some rest when we can.  But I don’t, I head out to do some reading and leave the cabin so he can rest peacefully.  

One thing I really love about this ship is there are a lot of place to go and find a quiet area.  I especially love the quiet areas on deck 6 midship outside Sabatinis and Bayou where there are couches and tables and chairs where there is very little foot traffic and you can sit and watch the water.

Tonight we are not sure what is planned.  

We load up our last tenders and we are ready to go.  Sail away is pretty much non-existent cause it is dark out.  
We decide to have a drink in Crooners and we head there and we run into friends and have a drink with them.  Mabel and all the crew at Crooners take care of us.  I actually brought a glass of wine from my bottle I just bought. 

Bernie enjoys his vodka and soda and we sit there for what I think is an hour and a half.

It is just after 8 and we are heading back up to the Horizon Court for Dinner.  This trip we are just wanting it more casual and dinner is not an event like it normally is.  We are just wanting to eat and head out to do something else or relax, or even go to bed so we can rest up for the next day.

On our way up to the Horizon Court we run into Sheldon and Trevor again and we join them for dinner and well chatting, and getting to know each other ends up being a long dinner after all.  But I am not complaining the best thing about travel is the people and experiences you have.  We always say – what is meant to happen happens.  Our dinner experience is lovely and we had some great laughs with them.  They are a lovely couple.

Dan Appleby and his wife Rachel are up here for dinner and finally get to meet her.  She is lovely and we congratulate them on their marriage. 

After dinner as much as I would love to do something there isn’t a whole lot happening that we are up for.

Lots of music happening around the ship Pastime Duo is playing in the bar area at the Bayou.  X-Trio is playing in the Atrium.  They have ballroom dancing in the Wheelhouse with prerecorded music.

But for us we are off to bed, we watch the wake show and soon after we crash.

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