Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday Night

Back at the apartment we decide it is time to enjoy the terrace so we open a bottle of wine and cut some cheese and salami and relax.

The weather is lovely, just perfect I think.  I have a t shirt and just my scarf to cover my shoulders and I am good. Bernie is in shorts!  But that is his norm.

Soon Carol and Judy join us (they are staying right next store) and we get to know each other.  Hi Fred, I know you are reading the blog. Carol is having a great time but can't stop talking about you - smile.

Soon we are a large group and we sit out for quite a long time.

Bernie and I decide it is time to get out and enjoy our evening meal and walk.  This has been the highlight of our trip in Rome.  The evening experience.  We have always felt safe, probably more safe at night than during the day when it is so much busier. At night we stroll hand in hand, we love how Rome lights up their sites just perfectly with a light almost glowing light.  At night we enjoy watching everyone catch up with each other over a meal, wine, and gelato.

We head out and start walking in a direction we haven't be towards as of yet.  We even walk along the viaducts that use to bring water into the city.  We are looking for a restaurant and we come across a little family run place that looks promising.

Some wine, some pasta and a steak - we share each dish and we are stuffed.  We don't have room for dessert.  The waiter brings out some complimentary grappa for us to enjoy after our meal... very good but Vickie is a little drunk.

We leave and stroll back to the apartment and reflect on this great trip in Rome.

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