Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Second Leg of flight

Our plane touches down a little early but that time is eaten up by waiting for our gate to open up.

We don’t have a lot of time between flights but I am confident we won’t have an issue now that we have arrived right on time.

We had to take a small shuttle from terminal 3 to terminal 5 where our next flight was leaving from.  Then once there we are directed through another security check.  Biggest thing of concern is the liquids.  But they have a pretty good set up with a table there before you get to the actual screening.  Here we were able to pull out our little baggie with liquids and carry them.  I like how they have the security check points.  They moved very fast cause when you get thru the queue you are direct to one of the many stations (most machines had a spot for 3) that is just yours and bins appear below and you pick up and put in your specific spot and put your items in it then slide it to the belt.  Then if you need another bin collect that and slid it to the belt.  We then go thru the xray personal bing bing no alarms for me.

All clear – we look up on the big board to see that we can now proceed to our gate.  Our flight is in a half hour.  This flight is even quieter and we are on and sat and on our way very quickly.  I am sat with a lovely couple from Glasgow and they are heading out on a cruise tomorrow.  We chat all about Scotland and our love of that place and the fact that we toured it for three weeks for our honeymoon.  Bernie is across the aisle from asleep.  I have always been envious of how he can sleep almost anywhere.  This flight is only just over two hours and we arrive ten minutes early.  

Have to say I really enjoyed British Airways, from their booking web sites, to their check in, to their planes, service on the planes and their on time arrival.

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