Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flying To Rome Via London - Oct 19, 2015

Work, Pack, Vote and Fly

We both started work very early today (Bernie 445 and me 5 am).  Although it was hard to be driving the bus we knew that in a few hours we would be flying away on our amazing adventure.

Today is also our Federal Election for a new Prime Minister and everyone is out voting, I will make sure to tune into the results while waiting to board the airplane.

Around 4:00 we started making our way to the airport. Traffic is a very busy and all I can think is a lot of people have to head home early to vote.  Our normal one hour trip took almost an hour and a half.  Thankfully we gave ourselves plenty of time.

Isn’t our airport lovely – this is the International Terminal area.

I found this cute pens in the airport store.  Little moose heads - oh Japser would love these pretty lady mosses. (oh is that a word?)

We are flying for the first time with British Airways.  We know the plane is pretty full but not completely.  We were able to secure a row of three with Bernie at the window and me in the aisle.  Right away we notice they have blankets for us, a small toothbrush and paste, earphones – wow just like in the old days of travel.  Nice.

Food service with a full dinner is served but neither of us are hungry it is just after 9 pm and we had dinner already in the airport.  Bernie falls asleep very quickly and I am not that much later.  I know I work up quite a bit but I think I did get an hour here and an hour there.

Before we land we are served a small breakfast snack. Again something I am not use to anymore, free food on a plane and free drinks too, not just coffee and tea.  Last night I had a vodka and soda!

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