Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heat? Who Needs Heat - ME

Although the weather has been quite nice here in Rome, it is Fall. Temperatures are similar to home and at night the temperatures drop and this place gets cold.

One thing I never thought of asking the owner is how do I turn on the heat?  How hard can it be.  

Well it is hard.  I haven't had a radiator since I was a little girl growing up in Quebec.  And those made tons of noise as they pinged and banged as they heated up or cooled down.

So here is my dilema... I am staring at this radiator, turning the knob and nothing.  I throw on layers and search the apartment for some kind of thermostat.  Nothing!   I was just about to message some of my UK friends to see if they could help when.... 

I was in the washroom doing my thing as we all do and looking around I glance at the water heater and wonder.... Do you think it has something to do with the radiators?

Oh ain't I smart... I turn the dial and sure enough the radiator in the bathroom starts to get warm.  The one in the main living area is getting hot.  Oh I could just sit right here and warm up, but that could look a little weird.

So now that I am all warm again and can take off some of the layers I decide to make up some sort of dinner.  

Bernie wakes and joins me as we sit and enjoy the wine we bought today.  Some lovely fresh bread, two types of cheese, two types of salami and some currants.   Life is good isn't it.  All is right with the world again.

Now I am heading to bed at a "normal" hour tonight and when I wake I will be refreshed and ready to tackle Ancient Rome - until at least I fall on the ground and stomp my feet and have my little episode, oh sorry that is what I wish I could do at times.  I am an adult now... so edit that.... until at least I get too tired and come to the realization we need some rest and relaxation.  

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  1. It's miraculous how wine, cheese and warmth can revive flagging spirits... have used that recipe many times. Sleep well