Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday October 28, 2015 – Ajaccio, Corsica

I am awake at five am and I crawl around the cabin looking for something that will make me presentable.  The laptop in my bag and I am down to deck five and sitting at a table at 5:30.  The Coffee bar doesn’t even open until 6 and the staff here are getting things set up.

Once open I order a Cappuccino.  This ship has the new china like the Crown had in August, they also serve their coffee drinks in better to go cups that don’t require a sleeve and have the little spout that opens and closes for easier transport. 

I have a great signal here in the public areas, but pretty much non existent in the cabin.  Seems to be a trend on the four different ships we have been on this year.  But the signal in the public area of the atrium is very good and since it is so early there are not many people on it. 

Bernie comes down around 7 am and we order another round of drinks and watch the ship come to life.  The crew this morning in the coffee bar seem to be just waking up too and not really with it.  Bernie gets his tea but no milk, I sit waiting for my Chai Latte for a long time and finally remind the lady and she says Oh yeah right away. 

We do miss the International Café and really wish they would have put one in on this ship.  They do put small Danishes/muffins out in the morning (small sandwiches in the afternoon) but you have to look up across the bar and thru a plastic covering and ask them to serve you one to get it. 

We are docking in Ajaccio today at 7 am but the Captain comes on saying we will be a little late as the pilot is going to be a little late but we still docked shortly thereafter but I can’t confirm the exact time as I really was not paying attention.

It had rained heavily last night and early this morning but it looks like it is going to clear up.

We head up to the Horizon Court for a light bite to eat before heading ashore.  It is quiet as we waited until around 8:30 to go up and most are off already.  This is my first time up here for breakfast so far and the layout is great with drinks, pastries and breads located separately (normally where dessert is served later).  I get a croissant, a bit of scrambled eggs, a sausage and some muselix. 

We head ashore around ten am and it is a short distance from the ship to the center of town.  There is a small desk as soon as you exit that hands out simple maps of the area.  There is a bigger Tourist Office outside the port across the street.

But we walk right to the main square and right there are two options -  the petite train that will take you around for a small fee (but we didn’t take it – their website is and the other option which we did date is a double decker bus (Ajaccio Sightseeing Tour that will take you out to Iles Sanguinaires and back.  It was 8 E each and it is 55 minute trip. 

There is an audio recording to identify the areas we are seeing that is played first in French, English then Spanish, but is hard to hear at times.  I will add that the weather turned out very nice and quite warm and muggy but being on the top deck of the bus in an open area did provide some cool breezes and a few potential slaps from the palms lining the street.  So a light jacket may be necessary if coming here in October.  But we did see quite a few people swimming in the ocean.

In town we travel along Av du 1er Consul past the Place De Gaulle – large square with a statue of Napoleon and his four brothers – we walked there later.

Back along the coast along Boulevard Pascal Rosini we drive by a large cemetery – Cimentiere Marin -- that the commentary said held 47,000!

Beautiful homes and stunning beaches line the route.
We turn around at Iles Sanguinaires – Sanguinary Islands and then drive back along mostly the same route until we get right back into town where we go past the Citadel.

Back in town we just walk around for a bit, check out the main square, the Citadel, the Cathedral of Assumption (which closes at 11:30 for lunch and we are shooed out). 

The main square has a small market set up and we glance at the items for sale, and sample some nougat which is made here but not something we normally would eat.

Walking around we see a couple who look very familiar.  Bernie says he thinks they were on our South America trip with us and so we say hi and yup Lahlanee and Paul from Hawaii!  We remember then and we especially remember what great dancers they are.  They love cruising too and we totally understand their love too.

We wanted to stop and eat here but we don’t have much time left, it is 12:45 and all aboard is 1:30.  So we walk towards the ship and wish we were here longer.  I would of much preferred a full day here than Cannes (but then again we didn’t leave the area of Cannes and should of). 

Once back on board we drop off our stuff and head to Sabatinis for Alfredos Pizzaria.  We order a bottle of Chianti and two pizzas.  They are both GREAT!  Service was a little lacking but nothing horrible just a rush came at once and there are only two waiters.  But they really can’t spare any more servers from the Horizon Court cause it is crazy busy.  Plus heck where am I am going to go… so we relax and enjoy the meal.  Alfredos was open from 11:30 to 1:30.

Sail away should be a nice one so we are up on the top decks to watch the sail away.  We see Jim and Bonnie who have just gotten back from a ship’s excursion that they really liked.

The Princess Grapevine Wine Tasting is today at 3 and we wanted to do it but I am having a hard time staying awake so we decide to have a nap and sleep from 3 to 5, but we needed it.

There was a lot going on today to.  British Style Pub Lunch in Bayou Café, Matinee Movie Spy, Line Dance Class, Zumba, Bingo, Afternoon Tea, The Avengers Movie at MUTS, The Sound of Music Pop Choir Rehersals.

Tonight features Mediterranean Buffet in Horizon Court, Piano with Valeriy Myrnyy in Wheelhouse, The Art of Rome – highlights and must sees in the Eternal City of Rome, The Sound of Music on MUTS, Runway at Sea Fashion Show, Best of the Beatles with DJ TinTin, Ballroom Dancing with pre recorded music in Wheelhouse, Showtime the Confusionist Sean Alexander 8:30 and 10:30, Pub Night Trivia, ye Olde Pub Night at 9:30, Who Sang What Series: Best of Britain Edition.  Lots of things.

Tonight we are aiming to go to the dining room for the first time this cruise.  People are reporting that Anytime Dining is experiencing long waits, but I am not surprised with everyone off the ship till early evening then once back on board showering and then heading to dinner means many show up around the same time.  Tonight with an earlier departure we are hoping for a good experience.

Today’s Drink of the Day is the Negroni – Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth for $8.25

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