Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Evening - Rome

Arch of Costantino

Oh My God, what time is it!  You know how you wake up from a deep sleep and it is dark and you are wonder - what time is it?  Where am I?  I just had that moment.

I glance over at the clock and am stunned cause it says something like 10:30 pm, that can't be right.  I fumble into the kitchen and look at my watch, phew it is 8:30.  For some reason we never adjusted the clock or even looked at it until now.

We are both feeling out of it but we are so glad we had the 2.5 hour nap, we really needed it.

We decide to try and find a grocery store.  We were told where one was and we walked down to it but it closes at 8 so we will come back another time.  There are numerous little corner stores where we can pick up some essentials for tomorrow.

We are looking for somewhere to eat and come across this little place on a corner called Trattoria Romana La Taverna Dei Quaranta.  

We take a seat and glance at the menus and the daily specials.  First off - some wine - hey I am Italy.  We order a half litre (aren't we good) of the house red wine and a bottle of sparkling water.

Again we are going to share our dishes.  We start with a lovely salad of mixed greens with parmesan, pine nuts, and pears.  Bernie gets the fried cod (that was so light and not greasy at all), I order the mushroom ravioli with truffles. Although I wasn't entirely sure what I had ordered. I knew it was ravioli and mushrooms but was surprised with a lovely filling of cheese and I think pine nuts. We shared all the dishes.

Bernie wanted a dessert so we asked what the house dessert was and even before the waiter could finish saying Tiramisu Bernie said yes.  Two cappuccinos as well.  That dessert was to die for.  I am glad we shared.

Again the meal was quite reasonable and we walked away hand in hand off to do our nightly stroll.

This time I lead the way as we crossed over to the Coliseum and up Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum on our right. The buildings are lite perfectly - sorry all I had was my phone so pics are not the best.

Back towards the visitor's bureau near the coliseum and we cross over to Via Madonna and walk along the street.  We stop in a small store to pick up a bottle of wine, some orange juice, some tea light candles for the room, and a bar of soap.  

We walk back to the apartment and it is just after 11 pm. We logged over 20,000 steps today.  Tomorrow is another big day. So stay tuned.

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