Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday Evening on the Island Princess

After a much needed nap we decide we will head to the dining room for dinner.  We meet up with friends in Crooners for drinks and then around 7:30 we go to the Anytime Dining Room – Bordeaux and request a table and are willing to join others but not at a table any bigger than six.  We are given a pager and we sit in the bar and wait for about twenty minutes when the pager goes off.  When we arrive at the Head Waiter’s desk we are escorted to a large table of eight.  We tell them no this will not do (we just can’t hear anything when we are at a big table).  The head waiter apologizes and says for us to wait and he will get us a different table.  But we just say we are going to go to the Horizon Court.  We should of done this in the first place. 

Friends who had been on this ship a month ago warned us that Anytime just doesn’t work well on this ship, especially on port intensive Med itinerary where everyone doesn’t come back to the ship till later and then wants to eat late. 

We do head up to the Horizon Court via the elevator and we run into two officers we sailed with on the Royal in January and who dined with us when Dylan invited us to his table. 

The buffet theme is Mediterranean buffet and it is very good.  We get a bottle of wine and we take our time and enjoy the meal.  They are also doing Crab Shack on board. 

After dinner we head down to Explorer’s Lounge for British Night and we enjoy the Old Ye Pub Night – Dan the Cruise Director was hilarious.  We then stay for the British Invasion trivia, we sucked at it but it was fun.  And we were there for Happy Hour too, buy one get one for $1.  Needless to say we were feeling rather light on our feet when we left to head back to our cabin at 11 pm.  The ship is quiet, I think these long days are getting to people.

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