Sunday, August 9, 2015

South To Seattle Then North To Alaska

We left home on Friday (the day before the cruise) and got to the border to see long lines.  Even though we have Nexus cards, which help with a designated line, we still had about a fifteen minute wait.  But that is much better than the estimated 40 minutes other people had to wait.

Once across the border we made a few stops along the way.  One was to stop at TotalWine to pick up a bottle of champagne to enjoy on board.  I love this store, and if you get a chance to visit one you will not be disappointed. 

Our next stop was at Rick Steve’s store in Edmonds to buy a few items for our Mediterranean trip coming up in October.  

We wandered around the shop, checking out the carry on bags, knapsacks, maps, books and travel essentials.  We got a hidden travel wallet, two toiletries bags (Bernie LOVES his) and a map.  The staff in the store were so helpful with us and I overheard them helping a lady who is planning her first trip to England.  There are movies you can watch here, books you can go thru, classes you can sign up for, tons of information.  Oh and make sure you check out his website for even more.  I've already downloaded his App and many podcasts for tours to the places we will visit this fall.  But stay tuned for that trip for more details starting the end of October. 

I have never been to Edmonds.  It is lovely, real character, lovely shops, restaurants and the fact it is right on the water makes it even better.  I would love to come down here for a mini vacation some time.  

We then drove down to Seattle to stay the night at our friends Jan and Michael.  We have not seen them for a bit so it was lovely to sit on their deck enjoying some wine and great conversation.  Oh and the view of downtown Seattle does not hurt either.  They have a beautiful old home with front and back decks and amazing views.  

Dinner was at Chinook's at Salmon Bay which is known for their seafood.  Located right at the harbor with sweeping views of the marina and the sunset.  Their menu is quite extensive with tons of seafood that are in season.  Prices are reasonable and the food was delicious.  Make sure to save room for dessert, tonight we shared the peach cobbler.

Let the vacation begin.

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