Saturday, August 15, 2015

Juneau Evening

After coming back on board and relaxing of course we have to head up to Skywalkers for a drink and to say hi to Rock. We don't sail until 9 pm (all aboard at 8:30).  

We take the elevator up to Skywalkers and we are on the elevator with a bunch of the youth staff. They have all kinds of stuff with them, paints, glitter, button making stuff, and balloons. When we comment what is happening they tell us we have to head down to the Atrium  later.  

We are not very hungry after a late lunch of sushi so we have a few bites up in Skywalkers.  The drink today is Brezza Marina.

We decide to just grab a bite to eat in Horizon Court.  The theme tonight is Alaskan Themed Buffet.  It was lovely and just right for what we needed.  It is extra nice being up here as we drop the lines and start heading out.

Tonight's events include the following:

  • Iditarod Champion Libby Riddles: Sled Dogs and Adventure (if you haven's seen Libby before make sure to see her presentation, it is excellent) 7:00 pm
  • Evening Multimedia Trivia 7:00 pm
  • Evening Game Show:  Are you Smarter than a Crew Member 8:00 pm
  • Photo Raffle Draw 8;00 pm
  • The Alaska String Band - Live music, world class photography, handmade Alaska native regalia, history, intrigue and insight into Alaska Living, all fro ma truly Alaskan Family - Princess Theater 8:15
  • Dixieland Jazz Party with The Crown Princess Orchestra 8:30pm
  • Klondike Festival - Join the Cruise Staff, Youth Staff and Party Band Icon for an Alaskan Klondike fun fair 9 pm

  • Movie Focus - Princess Theater
  • Evening Game Show - Blankety Blank 10:15
  • Princess Popstar Heat - 10:30
There is a lot happening in the Atrium and it is fun to see all the kids and families enjoying themselves.

We are tired, and sore from the hike today.  

Bernie turns and says "hey you want to get changed and head up to the hot tub". "Great Idea" There is a reason I love this guy.

When we walk into the cabin there is a treat for us. Bernie had brought some boxes of Smarties for our friend Michael who is from South Africa and when we sent him a box, this is what he sent us as a thank you.

So we quickly change and head up to the aft hot tub but it is covered and closed.  Okay we head midship but one of them is closed there too and there are a bunch of kids in it. Okay then to the next one and again one is closed and a couple is in the other. Last hope is the one by the Lotus Pool - one is closed there too - but Eureka the other is open and there is no one in it and the pool is quiet too.

Excellent and perfect!  We relax and stare up at the sky and it is stunning.  

What a great day, what a great night.


They are offering Princess EZCheck Program in Seattle. Deadline to put in your request for it is 4 pm tomorrow. Cost is $20 per person.

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