Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday – At Sea - North To Alaska

Oh what a nice sleep.  Our cabin steward Enrique took care of our request of a top sheet for the bed and the extra towels.  The shower curtain is moldy and smelly and we have asked that he replace it with a clean one and he takes care of that too.  Don’t know why they don’t change those out more often.  It is very obvious when you enter the bathroom when they are in need of cleaning cause the smell hits you.

Other than that, the cabin looks great. The ship looks amazing, very refreshed.  The ship just went thru a drydock in May.  Nothing major happened in the public areas but a lot of carpet was replaced, most of the chairs were reupholstered, tile work done.  

I have noticed many of the public washrooms look freshened up too.  The new MUTS screen has the most advanced technology at sea now, even better than the Regal. 

New To Go Cups - lid has flap to prevent spills and cup is insulated

Bernie heads down to get the coffees and we relax and enjoy them in bed while watching the wake show.  Kelvin Joy hosts the Wake show and he is quite funny.

We have noticed a lot of activities geared towards Alaska, which is great.  Lots of lectures, films, even the movie up on MUTS (The Proposal) was filmed in Sitka Alaska.  There is a Discovery at Sea – Guess the Number of Shark’s Teeth.  There is a Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt.  The Naturalist Michael Modzelewski has a presentation called the Last Frontier today.  Later today is a Swim with the Sharks Gameshow, Penny Whistle Class where you can learn to play the Penny Whistle and tonight there is Songs of Alaska with Will Dickerson.

Bernie went up to the Horizon Court around 9:30 but it was CRAZY.  Da Vinci has breakfast until 9 am but it is just past that so this is the only place for most to go and get breakfast.

There is a lot happening today, but we are enjoying just watching others and doing a few things.  We sit down in Crooners and chat with Red who is still working here. 

Bernie reads as I type up this blog post.  At 10:45 Bernie heads to trivia and I head up to Adagio to do the Sudoku challenge.  I have never seen so many people do the Sudoku, there must have been around 25-30.  I came in third and was given a prize but I don’t really need the prize so I hand it to the young girl who came in fourth right after me and is on her first cruise with her family.

We take a seat in Vines by the window and watch the people.  It is so nice to see the first time cruisers learning about cruising.  Their excitement is contagious.  So many families on board, doing things together like the Scavenger Hunt, playing board games, getting things for the egg drop contest.  And as I sit here in Vines a couple with their older teenage sons sit at the sushi bar and as the parents sip some wine they get some sushi and the boys get some too.  The boys have never had sushi but they are trying it out and they really enjoy it.   I giggled when the one boy says to the waiter "I have never had sushi before, what is each item, how do I eat it".  

That is what is so great about travelling, trying new things.  With cruising you get the chance to try new things.

Oh can't remember if I mentioned it or not but if you haven't purchase the Alaskan Cruise Companion Book with Map order it ahead of time on line or head straight to the Calypso Cove shop and buy a copy.  On the front of the Princess Patter each day you an look under the Navigator section and it states where we are in relation to the book and what Waypoint we are at.  So you can go to the book/map and cross reference it.  It also identifies what kind of animals you can see and where.

Other things that are happening on board are:  
  • Church service, 
  • Zumba, 
  • ping pong tournament, 
  • Holiday at Sea sale, 
  • fruit and vegetable carving demo, 
  • book club sign up (book is The Paying Guest), 
  • Pub Lunch in Wheelhouse, 
  • bingo, 
  • Charades, 
  • Heart of Alaska Video Screening, 
  • Line Dancing, 
  • Art Auction, 
  • Cha Cha lessons, 
  • Swim with the Sharks Gameshow, 
  • Origami, 
  • Golf Chipping, 
  • Afternoon Tea, 
  • Trivia 
  • and so much more.

Tonight is a Formal Night with the Champagne Waterfall at 7:00 pm.


  1. Michael the naturalist is great, be sure to hear his talk!

  2. The book you mentioned, is this exclusive to Princess?

    1. Yes but I have seen it on Amazon. You can preview order it in your personalized too.